Andrew Mitchem’s Forex TFTC Pattern Trader Bot

Andrew Mitchem has released his own Forex TFTC Pattern Trader Bot.

If you don’t already know who Andrew Mitchem is, he is my Forex Trading Mentor that helped me turn my FX trading around and become a successful profitable trader. You can read more on my journey HERE but this article is dedicated to explaining about Andrews TFTC Pattern Trader Bot that he released to his members on May 2020. It is now available to the general public.

Some members produced a 20% return for June with their Bots. The results varied because some members made their own designer Bots to meet their trading criteria. I know that sounds weird but I will explain how it all works further down in detail.

The Best Help You Need To Create Your Own Website

The best help you could possibly need to create your own website and start using it to make money online.

It’s a big statement but the one place for all your needs is… Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a community with hundreds of active members that are not only website owners and online business owners but they are also willing to give their time into helping you with all kinds of issues you might encounter when building your website and starting a business online.

Why It’s Easier (and smarter) To Spend Money When Setting Up Your Online Writing Business

Spending money to set up your online writing business, is not only smart and easy to do, but also gets you to becoming profitable faster.

It’s all too easy to fall for what I call false economies in the quest to make money online writing on a blog.

By my meaning of false economies, it’s when you do something to save money but it ends up costing you dearly, in either time or money.

5 Important Tips To Engage Your Online Readers

Getting your online readers engaged is a critical part of your online business and brand promotion.

You could be writing many blogs/articles on a frequent basis and posting them on various sites and social platforms hoping, to have bigger business footprint but, if your readers and potential customers are not spending the time on your pages and checking them thoroughly, you won’t be able to achieve your expected goals.

Having A Coach Or Mentor

For what ever you decide to do in life whether for business or personal, everyone has someone that they can turn to for valuable advice, their opinion or some sort of support. Even when I decided to try my hand at Forex Trading and Affiliate Marketing Website Building I realized early that I needed to do the same as when I learned to become a butcher. Learning to be a butcher I had many trainers, teachers and close mentors that put me in good stead for my career so I knew that I should do the same for my next ventures.

3 Essential Tools for High Rolling Affiliate Marketing

What does it take to become successful at Affiliate Marketing? What are the ingredients for an affiliate marketers success story? Is there a shortcut to Affiliate Marketing glory? These are just some questions that play around in the minds of anyone wanting to give affiliate marketing a go and who wants to make it big in this business.

Using Your Time Wisely

Have you ever wondered…what happened to the time? Well yes it does slip away when we’re not noticing and things do get away from us. Sometimes to our dismay. Well do you have enough time today?

Understanding how to get into a habit of time management is something we all have to learn and try to get the best from every day.

Writing Great Content Fast

Writing great content that can convert is the life blood of blogs. I am sure you’ve been told CONTENT IS KING… and may think that these words translates to … ‘You need to spend hours to make good content’ … But let’s take a step back… Unless you’re a professional…who has hours free to spend writing you can think or feel that you can’t join the blogging community or industry.

But you know what…YOU CAN

Email List Sizing and Does It Matter?

Does an Email List Size Matter?

Having an email list for affiliate marketing is important but not necessary depending on your marketing process and strategy. Even though the common phrase of “the money is in the list” is basically true, there are misconceptions that you need a large list to make money. Obviously, the larger the list the higher chance of strike rate for sales, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful with a smaller list.


Changing Your Life’s Direction

“If you want to change the direction of your life and current income, you’re going to have to do something different. Make a commitment and an exciting choice, and pursue your new outcome.”

Lets look at a scenario…


Finding Profitable Online Niches – Passion and Hobbies 

Affiliate marketing is a constantly moving industry and there are many popular training tutorials pointing out how to finding most popular and profitable niche’s to market and also finding multiple sub niche ideas within each market. Narrowing down to these sub niches is where you can really start to get some revenue flowing and start earning real profit.


Multiple Income Streams-A Smart Idea

If you’re not really sure what this means you probably are doing it already without even realising it. Most of us have a job and this is already a main income stream…obviously… but most of us have bank accounts where we are earning interest and also most of us have some kind of retirement investment fund for when we decide to stop and take it easy. These are all alternative income streams although not really earning as much as we’d like.

A SEO Checklist, making a good habit…

Right, you’re ready to go and I have a few good tips for a SEO Checklist that you should consider and culture yourself into for some good internet marketing habits. Simple common sense basic tips that will keep your ideas in check and give the search engines information so that they will help rank your content to the many hungry readers.


5 Affiliate Marketing Scams To Be Aware Of

The industry of affiliate marketing is only going to grow and grow. More and more people are using new technology to do their buying on the internet whether it be through computers, iPad, or phones. The spending online is growing at a phenomenal rate and will continue to grow for years to come. With all these customers online the opportunity for affiliate marketing comes to the fore even more, so naturally people wanting to get into affiliate marketing will be searching for market training programs, software help, general guidance and training to learn to get into this industry.

4 Effective Ways How to Promote Affiliate Products

One of the most common ways that people want to earn an online income is to become an affiliate of companies with a product or service and promote their products. I am going to show you 4 effective ways how to promote affiliate products to earn good revenue and make profit.

It’s a dog eat dog World out there in internet land, and these 4 promotional methods are some that are most used, tried and tested by many marketers within the industry. All great affiliate promoters had to start somewhere.

The Best Forex Trading Online Course –  My Experience with TFTC

The Forex Trading Coach Online Course and the story of my journey to become a successful forex trader…

Andrew’s trading course is simple to follow, very affordable, and it is the best forex trading online course that I have ever done. Andrew is the man behind the company, actually he is the company, and he has developed his systems and strategies with his years of experience in the industry. He is constantly in contact with anyone that asks about forex, and answers any and every question you could possibly have about trading personally.

After I found Andrew Mitchem in 2014 and finally signed up for his course it changed my life and my family’s forever.

Tips for Effective Content Writing…

Writing effective content is the way you will get visitors to your website over and over again. Effective content is what your visitors are searching for to solve an answer they are looking for, products that they want to buy and use and information for learning new things or even old things.

Keep the content on topic to the point and engaging so that your readers enjoy what they see and are finding the answers that they are searching for. Your readers will lose interest if you stray away from the article topic and then click away from your site.

Free Images and Photos for Your Website…

While you are building your website you will want to add images and photos to enhance, give colour, break up your content writing and keep your post or page interesting and captivating. So where can you find free images to download for a website? Finding free images and photos to use can be challenging, so below I have compiled a group of websites that offer free photos and images that you can search and download for your own use.

How to pick a Niche and what is a Niche in Affiliate Marketing?

I will start with the question first… What is a Niche in Affiliate marketing?

A Niche is a part of a topic or product that focuses on a market and in a specific market. There are many small and large but profitable topics and products in the on-line internet market place suitable to have focused attention on by anyone that wants to build a website around and make money.niche-group-of-people

On-line marketing businesses search the topic or product and then decide on the targeted market to serve. In the simplest terms, a niche is a group of people looking for products. They are the targeted market that is looking for information on the product that they wish to purchase and have. Pretty simple when you think about it.

Right, next part…

Monetize With Amazon – Amazon Associates 

Affiliate marketing is a useful way to earn extra income when you make your website. How can you profit with the Amazon Affiliate Program, called Amazon Associates. The program allows you to earn a percentage on purchases made using a special link on your website. The commission percentage ranges +/- 4 to 8 percent.

These are the  3 easy steps to get started.

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I am glad you have managed to find my website and I am here to help you gain the knowledge to break the shackles from the every day mundane work place.

How much money do you think you would like to earn for the rest of life, even after you decide to retire? It all starts with a wonderful program developed by 2 young gentlemen Kyle and Carson. They have developed a website building business that has given many everyday normal people like you and I the power to start earning income on-line.

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