Writing great content that can convert is the life blood of blogs. I am sure you’ve been told CONTENT IS KING… and may think that these words translates to … ‘You need to spend hours to make good content’ … But let’s take a step back… Unless you’re a professional…who has hours free to spend writing you can think or feel that you can’t join the blogging community or industry.

But you know what…YOU CAN

I’ve put together this quick article (yes, it took me less than 20 minutes to write) – because you don’t need to spend more than 20 minutes a day to put together great content and start seeing incredible results.

Writing articles quickly doesn’t mean you need to compromise on GREAT quality. It doesn’t even need to be a lengthy amount of words. It just needs to have value – present some useful information and of course – have a call to action so people can like, share, comment, sign up and… buy what you are promoting!

So here are 7 simple ideas you can use to get SOMETHING down and start getting the life blood… TRAFFIC… all done in 20 minutes – without sacrificing quality.

1. Know where to look

The majority of writers spend about 4 times as long finding an idea to write about – than actually writing.

So if you’re not sure where to start – you’re not alone! If you let yourself STAY stuck, sadly you are not alone either, but unfortunately letting yourself just sit there with that pitiful excuse of not knowing isn’t really much of an excuse at all.

There are many places you can go to get ideas. Many are right at you are finger tips. Try starting with a trip to you are local supermarket – look at the magazine covers in a niche that interests you.

Look on curation type sites like BuzzSumo (free for a couple of searches), Feedly (free) or Google Trends (free). Use Reddit or Ask.com to see what people are chatting about or need help with. There’s a great ideas start for you already.

Read articles you find REALLY fast, intentionally – so you are brain doesn’t have time to properly take it in … just grabbing random words. Sometimes you’ll create/mash together you are own ideas that way!

2. Keep a list of great ideas

When you’re searching around on those sites, you might end up seeing a few ideas that could work. Write them down, so that next time you can just dive straight in to writing. Put aside a time, doesn’t have to be long, to just take a seat somewhere and list down a heap of ideas that can be revisited. They don’t need to be perfect, just ideas to get the ball rolling for the next time you’re ready to write.

You can keep you are list organised with a simple word doc, excel or just a note pad… and just tick it off when you’ve finished writing about the idea and published.

3. Give the ideas some time

Just like a flavoursome tea – you are ideas might need a little bit of a time for it to turn from … meh…. to awesome! Don’t feel like you need to force it. Start you are ideas list, work on the ones that stick out like a sore thumb at that time and get you are ball rolling to start taking action – and the other ideas on you are list will develop at a later time into something more.

4. Stay on track

If you’ve gone through ideas 1 and 2 … you will find that you end up having a LOT of ideas, so it’s you are chance to be brutal and cut some down. Keep the content for you are 20 minute post directly related to the topic of that post.

It’s not hard to get side tracked, so if you notice you’re moving to another point just copy/paste that part into you are ideas document – you can revisit and expand on it later for an entirely new article!

5. Bullet points and numbers lists

Using number list or bullet points makes it EASY to write. Just come up with what it is you need to write about… then brain-mash a few things to cover and write a sentence or two for each.

Not only does it make it easy to write – it’s also super easy for you are readers to skim read and follow without having an overwhelming chunk of text for them to decipher

6. Under 500 words…Really?

Believe it or not, once you start writing it can be easy to get carried away. Try as you may but if the words are flowing… LET THEM OUT. Try to write at least 500 words but it you can’t, keep the message to the point and focus on keeping the quality good and shareable. It’s good to have a few big/long/informative style articles on you are blog – but for every day content, keep it short, tight and choc full of useful info.

7. Don’t hesitate and get into it

When you get you are list down try to get into writing an article from one of the ideas right away. Dive right in. The fact is – the best article you can write – is the one you write, right now. Write the article that you think will flow easiest.

The ‘Do It Now Mentality’ will get those Profits for you.


Here’s a way to break it down and follow these easy steps:

1. Introduction. 1 sentence, you can write this right away or after you’ve made the content.

2. Four or five solid points, where you expand on them in a paragraph. Or, for even a quicker way to save even more time, make it 8-10 points and just make it one or two sentences for each point. Each point can be as small as 20-100 words. That’s it.

3. Conclusion. Short, wrap things up nice and tight highlighting some points.

4. Call to action. Since you’ve kept the article short, it makes sense to offer them more…Calls to action can be telling them to comment, share or click a link below for more information.

Whatever you’re writing about ALWAYS finish with something they can do afterwards. Keep the flow happening! If they’ve read all the way to the end, you know you’re doing something good.

So…it’s up to you…what will you do with this info? Time to start writing? Yep, that’s the correct answer.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve found this useful – and of course… I’d be great if you gave it a share with someone you think might need a helping hand.

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Check it out and let me know what you think.

To you are success….John

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