Everyone is looking for that amazing online opportunity that can provide the freedom that we want. The other day I came across called the 1K A Day Fast Track program by a guy named Merlin Holmes. I had nothing else on so I decided to sit and watch his webinar with a pleasing result.

It was a long webinar but it had a great deal of info on how Merlin has amassed a fortune by using his easy to follow methods. I was amazed at the numbers he mentioned and he said that anyone can work there way to earning $14,444 a day. Yep that’s what he said. It’s either a fanciful statement or could there be some truth to what he says?

Merlin Holmes Fast Track Program

So who is this Merlin Holmes anyway? I’d never heard of him and he flies under the radar but…read this… he has brought in about $150,000,000 in sales and commissions in the last 15 years. Now that is something amazing.

He’s decided to introduce his 6 week course where he goes through step be step on how anyone can do what he has done. . And he really means it, to showing you how it’s done.

He doesn’t rush you through the course and just makes sure that you understand what he wants you to know before you can move on to each lesson so you can be successful at this business. This makes you go through all the course lessons in order with no skipping ahead so you don’t miss any important points. Some initial videos are basic, like how to get a Clickbank account and set it up, getting hop links and more, however by watching them anyway, you will learn something else about Clickbank payments. Make sure you Watch ALL the Videos.

He explains these points about what you’re about to discover and that you can make money…

  • Without building a website
  • Without creating any content
  • Without building a product
  • Without ANY tech skills
  • Without any staff or office
  • Without having to build ANYTHING on your own
  • Without having to work 4-8 hours per days to make it work

I’m sure all these points will be giving you questions to ask but along the way he slowly and surely answers each one as if he can hear what’s going on in your head. To me that was a sign that Merlin really knows what he’s talking and presenting about as he has done it all many times before.

Merlin was so confident in his method of making money online when he started out that he even has his own family members using it with his own sister becoming a multi million dollar earner.

I can go on and on about how good Merlin and his program course really is but if you want to find out right away then click the banner below and go right to the webinar sign up. You won’t be disappointed.

If you want to read on, below is the course outline with each module and lesson listed so you get an idea of what it’s about.

1K A Day Fast Track Program Outline

The course takes you through all the steps of setting up poll pages with Clickfunnels, setting up an autoresponder service, picking the right affliate offers and how to get traffic to your pages.

The course outline:

Module 1

  1. Welcome to $1K A Day!
  2. How To Navigate The Course
  3. Setting Expectations
  4. The Right Mindset Makes More Money
  5. Setting Up Your Clickbank Account
  6. What Are Your Earnings Potential?
  7. Fill Up Your Bank Account With This Product!
  8. Creating Your Commission Link
  9. Start Earning Commissions Today!

Module 2

  1. Module 2 Introduction
  2. How and Why Polls Work So Well
  3. Starting To Build Your 1st Poll
  4. ClickFunnels Poll Walk through, Part 1
  5. ClickFunnels Poll Walk through, Part 2
  6. Setting Up Your Custom Domain
  7. Customizing Your Poll Landing Page
  8. Privacy & Terms Pages Setup
  9. Customizing The Loading Page

Module 3

  1. Module 3 Intro and Welcome
  2. Your New Email System
  3. Setting Up SendLane 1
  4. Linking Up Your New Email Address To Sendlane
  5. Connecting SendLane With ClickFunnels
  6. Email Templates!!
  7. Email Templates, Part 2
  8. Creating Your Email Automations
  9. Important SendLane Update

Module 4

  1. Welcome To Module 4
  2. Going Deep Into Clickbank
  3. CPA Networks & Offers
  4. How To Get A Competitive Advantage
  5. Offers, The Real Secret

Module 5

  1. Module 5 Introduction – TRAFFIC!
  2. The Basic Arithmetic Of Traffic
  3. Your Traffic Laboratory
  4. Your Traffic Rolodex
  5. What Is Native Advertising, Really?
  6. Revcontent, Part 1
  7. Revcontent, Part 2: The Rules
  8. Setting Up Your Revcontent Ads, Part 1
  9. Setting Up Your Revcontent Ads, Part 2
  10. Setting Up Your Revcontent Ads, Part 3
  11. Setting Up Your Revcontent Ads, What Happens If You Get A Denial?
  12. Revcontent Ad Targeting

Module 6

  1. Module 6 Intro and Amazing Money Model!
  2. Amazing Money Model, Part 2

Are there any other costs after the course purchase?

Short answer here is…. Yes. But once you understand what he is trying to get through to you, you will realize that it all makes sense.

His plan for everyone is that they can earn $144 minimum a day easily with his method and get to that point in a very quick time. These are his words right… Notice he says $144 minimum a day and not $14,444 a day like the advertising. He is talking about a very reachable target and building up to something that’s amazing. Let that figure linger for a while and focus on what Merlin starts with. $144 a day or even less is more than enough to cover your month dollar expenses with a lot more spare for your profit.

This is what you will need for the set up:

  • The course cost is $997 for all the training forever
  • His preferred Email Autoresponder, $97 a month approximately ( but you start at a cheaper rate)
  • You will need to get a Click Funnels account, $97 a month
  • And then set a budget for Advertising where Merlin shows you where and how you can get cheap and reliable constant traffic all the time.

He walks you and talks you through each and every process step be step. You only need to apply yourself for a sure win. Total newbies and struggling people, that have tried and only earned very little over many years of online marketing are getting anything from $200 and all the way up to $1000s of dollars PER DAY….Yes PER DAY… NOT WEEK OR MONTH.

So let’s do some quick maths here…I will break it down for you into a monthly outlay so it is as clear as possible.

$997 first cost divided into 12 months is $83.08, Autoresponder,$97 per month, Click Funnels, $97 per month, Advertising budget say $250 per month, brings a total of $577.08 for the month.

If you earn $144 a day, as Merlin says you can do easily if you follow his steps…that works out to $4320 for a 30-day month. Of course, I can’t and will not say that past performance is a precursor to the future but many of Merlins students are earning in excess of $500 a day consistently, and even more than that. He holds your hand to get you there.

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My Summary of Merlin Holmes 1K A Day Fast Track Program…


I’ll be blunt here. If you are serious about earning serious money online then this is the course for you. Here’s why:

  • There are no negatives that I can see yet
  • In my opinion the best method I’ve seen in my years as an online marketer
  • It works for everyone from someone new or a years struggling online marketer to any experienced person how has been in the business for years
  • Little chance of saturation using the traffic sources that Merlin recommends and uses himself
  • The price of $997 is really far too low in my opinion for what you get and what it is already producing for the purchases already and I wouldn’t be surprised if he puts the price up (don’t wait)


  • Some course modules have been delayed – which is good for new members, but for experienced people they are champing at the bit to get to the next part.
  • The money outlay seems a lot at the first point but if you follow the plan you will recoup it quickly. Merlin does offer a money back guarantee if you’re not happy in any way. But if you’re a procrastinator don’t purchase unless you will take action

Here’s your chance to get that dream life that you’ve always wanted. Invest in yourself and get hold of Merlin Holmes…

$1K A Day Fast Track Program

It is the vehicle that can set you up and get all of your family in a fantastic financial position.

Regards John

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