The Best Forex Trading Online Course – TFTC – Review

Andrew Mitchem is The Forex Trading Coach…and has The Best Trading Online Course I have ever seen!

Andrew has developed his own trading course with his own systems and strategies from his years of trading in the forex industry. Andrew has trained many students, like me, from all over the World and continues to be a well-known and respected figure in the world of currency trading.

The review that I have written will be the only review of a forex trading course that I will ever write, because Andrew and his, “The Forex Trading Coach Online Course” is what has completely turned me into a successfully forex trader and changed my life forever.

Enjoy the review and if you wish to read about my trading journey of how I became a successful trader click HERE.


Owner: Andrew Mitchem

Training Course Price: Normal Cost $2497 (but there are promotions for $1997, just tell Andrew I sent you)

Ongoing Membership Price: Yes… 3 monthly $197, 12 monthly $597

First year everything is included in the cost of the initial course and you don’t need to re-sign after this. No pressure to join, but most people do when they realise the benefits and value.

My Score: 10/10, 5 Stars forever

Who it’s for: Newbie, Struggling Traders, and Traders about to give up on trading


So what do you get…

  • Easy to follow and highly effective trading system for identifying opportunities based on price action
  • Easy to follow training videos in the membership area
  • Immediate access to membership site
  • Andrew’s custom indicators developed by him from his years of experience in forex
  • Daily trading recommendations and market analysis
  • Weekly live trading room webinars, where you trade with Andrew personally taking live trades plus more
  • Unlimited follow up and support
  • Private membership to TFTC forum only for member’s

Trading System…

Andrew’s trading system which is taught in his training videos of 270 minutes, covers all you need to know about how to set up charts, when to trade, times to trade, how to identify high probability trades, how to use his custom indicators and what the price action is trying to tell you. The videos explain the whole strategy in detail step by step in logical order easy for anyone to comprehend.

The system Andrew teaches is used by traders in 58+ Countries around the world every day and can be used on any currency pair.

Andrew’s Unique Software…

The custom indicators are used in the study of price action patterns, Candlestick analysis, Support and Resistance, Pivot Points, Bollinger Bands, Trend Lines, Divergence, Extensions and Retracements, Money Management and Risk:Reward. The software recognises Candlestick patterns and helps to identify entry and exit levels for all time framed charts. A position size calculator for correct money management is provided and used so that you don’t oversize your trading positions within your account balance. You are taught how to use this properly.

These might seem daunting when you see the whole list but once you follow the easy to understand course you will grasp the concepts quickly.

Daily Trade Recommendations…

The course includes Andrew’s Daily Trade Recommendations on Day Charts to help you learn the system. The trade calls give exact entries, stop loss and exit targets for the currency pair selected with a high probability of success. Andrew believes you will LEARN faster if you can see how you can EARN as you progress through the training. If you do nothing else and just follow these calls you will make a handsome return. Andrew’s calls have averaged over 36% over the last 7 years with his best year hitting 97.95% and the worst year 3.14%. All with just the daily time frame chart. That’s a lot better than your retirement fund earnings or any bank account interest.

You will also get Andrew’s recommended currency pairs directions that he is favouring for the day for making short time frame chart trades with the course lesson’s system you learn.

Weekly Live Trading Room Webinars (in the European and US Trade Sessions)…

This is new, it used to be every 2 weeks when I did the course so this is actually a bonus for new members.

Weekly access for members only, for 2 hours of live trading with Andrew himself for one week and Paul, (in the US session time), on the alternating week. Everyone discusses possible trades to take and actual live trading. Members can ask questions with Andrew and Paul going over continual learning and training and tackle specific topics that members ask throughout the week with email questions. Psychology or how a trader reacts when trading is a really important topic in here and this will help you immensely, like it did for me. This alone can be highly profitable for everyone able to attend. These webinars are recorded so you can never miss out learning trades and seeing trades actioned and taken. The webinars are all archived so you can go back and search them anytime.

Ongoing Support and Help…

Andrew is always available by email and will answer every email personally himself. I can attest to that as I have emailed him many times. I still have all the communication in my email AM folder that I keep. You can also submit a support ticket for Mhel, the techie, for software or indicator set up. This is all done for you right at the start of your course anyway but should an issue arise Mhel is right on it very quickly.

Private membership to TFTC forum –  members only…

This is a another new feature of The Forex Trading Coach website and only exclusive to members.

The forum always has someone online from all over the World and people are posting their trade calls for confirmation from more experienced members and helping each other to identify high probability trades for everyone to take if they like. I am there nearly every day.

All of these are included when you purchase the training course for the first 12 months. If you wish to continue after the 12 months you can pay for an extra 3-month subscription or another 12-month subscription and, it is heavily discounted from the original course price. Most people sign up because they can see the benefits of the trade calls and weekly webinars alone.

I can also tell you that trading can be a lonely business and yes, you can join other forums on other sites but it is better to trade with like-minded people that are using the same systems and strategies so you can bounce ideas off each other. If you live in the same area you can get together and go over trades personally.

Right, I guess you would like to see some results…

Here is a graph showing $100,000 investment in January 2011-with and without monthly compounding from the members area of The Forex Trading Coach website.

They will be quite small so just “right click your mouse on the image” and then click “Open Image in new Tab” you will see it much clearer.

These are trades only risking 0.5% of the account balance on each trade. The best Risk:Reward money management and you will learn all about this in the course.

Next will be screen shots of Andrew’s pdf yearly results by months for 2010 to current end of August 2017. These get updated at the end of each month by Andrew and are on the member’s area. Every trade ever taken is kept and saved in an archive and any member can go back check and verify the trade calls any time. Nothing is hidden.

2010 results…

2011 results…

2012 results…

2013 results…

2014  results…

2015 results…quite a tough year with this strategy but still a profit non the less

2016 results…back on track as the markets started trending again

2017 results…up to the end of August so far

These are from Daily Trade Calls posted everyday on the member’s area for any member to follow as they wish. Andrew selects the highest probability trades but there are days when there are no trades suitable so patience is the key to wait for the right trade. There are a lot more trades to take on different time frames after you learn the system strategies. Invariably the % returns of other experienced traders can be greater but if you only took Andrew’s daily calls these are the results.

My trading return for the last 2 and a bit years have been…

2015… 31.6% return

2016…22.3% return

2017 up to Sep…35.9% this year has been a good one for me so far.

Here are some recent screen shots of my accounts (yes, I have 3 with different brokers and I will explain why I do that later)

They will be quite small so just “right click your mouse on the image” and then click “Open Image in new Tab” you will see it much clearer.

April 2015, from a small account. You will notice there are still stop losses. That is a normal part of trading. They must happen. If anyone never shows you losses be careful, they could be scammers.

May 2015…sometimes when the market is moving you can have some really good runs. Notice the winners are greater than loses.

July 2015…sometimes you get some bad runs but the losses are always manageable. Using the Position size calculator ensures this.

March 2016…I went off the rails a bit in 2016 but still managed a return of 22.3% for the year. I wasn’t concentrating enough and blame myself as my psychology was out of wack. I took a short break for 2 1/2 months and still earned a reasonable income. At least I thought so…

March 2017…back on track.

August 2017…

September 2017…these were live and still running as I took this screen shot…results to follow in the next shot.

September 2017…same trades closed…a few pretty good days. The nzdusd you can see the difference from each shot that I have partially closed the trade as the price did hit a resistance level and came back a bit, so as we are trained, when the price action is telling you something, better to take some money off the table and then let the rest of the position run.

Now below is a shot of almost the same trades from a different account. My BIGGER ONE. I have blocked out the position sizes and profits. I don’t want to brag and don’t want to really share some personal financial details…I used the small account screen shots to show that you don’t have to have a big amount of money to earn a part-time income.

The same time frame of August and September 2017… some losers and winners but the key is CONSISTENCY…If you check, I had 9 losing trades, 13 profit trades and a fat finger eurgbp trade on the 11/8/2017 which I closed when I finally saw it. My bad but only a 2 pip loss luckily.

Now Andrew’s system, with correct money management doesn’t mean you need to get a high % of winners. The system focuses on small trade losses and higher trade profit targets, which means that you will make money and your account will steadily grow. With my trades above, I had a 40.9% loss and 59.1% win ratio which is really not that great but I still made money. That is why money management and position size is important. You will learn all about how to control your account if you decide to take Andrew’s course. ONE OF THE MOST VALUABLE LESSONS TO LEARN

Overall I think you get the picture…

Andrew Mitchem and his, “The Forex Trading Coach Course”, have changed my life and my family’s lives forever. I cannot thank Andrew enough for turning my forex trading career around and turning me into a forex trading success.

I will only ever recommend Andrew’s course, as it is all you need to become a successful trader. But…like Andrew said to me, DON’T BELIEVE ME…contact Andrew yourself, tell him that John (Jalby my forum user name, he will know who I am for sure) put you onto him and his course and he will talk you through on what you need to do. You don’t have to start with a big amount of money for your first account but once you get the confidence, consistency and winning habit routines you can add to your account or just let it grow.

Oh, I forgot I wanted to tell you why I have more than one account…

The reason I, and many other traders, have multiple accounts is mainly because they spread their funds around to different brokers for diversification. Some prefer to only trade certain time frames on certain accounts and some brokers give promotional deals from time to time. Also, you can link these accounts together so you only need to place trades on one account and they will all copy to the accounts you have linked. Only if you want to though. Bit technical but you will learn more about it on your trading journey.

My accounts are all different sized and I usually only withdraw from one of them and the others I let grow. Andrew can also recommend which brokers to use and which ones he uses and can help you set all of that up when you sign up if needed.

OK then, I hope you have enjoyed my article and if you want to read about my journey of trading you can click HERE and find out what I went through to learn how to be a successful trader.

Click “Andrew Mitchem and his, The Forex Trading Coach Course” to go to his website to sign up or just to connect with him for a chat. He loves to hear from people that want to ask questions on forex.

Don’t forget to tell him that I sent you and he will look after you.

Another thing I want you to remember “It’s a walk to WEALTH not a race to RICHES”​ this is not my saying but I heard it from someone some where. A very clever person…

I’ll see you in the  The Forex Trading Coach forum if you decide to take the journey of a new income stream.

Feel free to contact me by leaving a message in the comments box below and if you still need more info I’m always happy to help.

To your success and all the best…John


  1. Hey, first of all thanks for this great, interesting and very informative article on this forex course.
    This article really comes in handy as I momentarily just am getting in to Forex. I am a quite experienced option trader, but have become interested in Forex. I may check out this course as it looks quite good.

    1. Author

      Hi and thanks for reading and your comments. I can’t say enough how it changed my life and if you’re already trading options you would pick the system very quickly. If you want to read my journey take a look here

      http://youronlineincomeforlife… and it may save you a lot time and pain to get the right recipe so to speak. You might get a bit of a laugh as well.

      Pass it on if you think it might help someone else.

      Thanks John

  2. I traded Forex about eight years ago. Why I quit that business? Mostly because of lack of knowledge. I did not lose a lot because I was smart enough to not get deeper without learning more about markets, forecasts and other essential tips to successfully trade Forex. I tried many trading tools promising easy money, but any of them has little value if you do not understand the market. What I like most in The Best Forex Trading Course you reviewed is online webinars and your ten stars award.

    1. Author

      Hi Andrejs, thanks for reading my review. Yes there are a lot of people that say it’s easy but in reality unless you spend on good quality training and do your research on where to get truthful information it can really knock your confidence. Not only for trading but also for your life psychology. When you get it right though it’s the exact opposite and opens up new doors for you.

      10 stars…because it changed my and my families life.  

      Thanks John

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