Must Have Affiliate Tools & Resources

By now you many realised that to make it as a success in this industry we need to have certain tools and resources in our arsenal. With all the training from affiliate courses and webinars there are some key tools that I have and will recommend below. You must treat this as a business and business means sales, costs and profits.

If you’ve browsed through my recommended products list pages you will see what I have tried to define in certain categories for each style of business. These following products are just additional tools and resources that can only compliment your business and help improve those further profits running ito your bank account.

JVZoo Member – A Fantastic Membership Builder


JVZoo Member is a new product as I write but it is unique product that will rock the internet marketing industry. Once you check out this amazing all in one membership builder, you will see how valuable it can be for your business. The easy to use platform can be used to manage all your products in one dashboard and this is the easiest platform where you can create membership pages and sale pages all with step by step instructions at your finger tips. Highly Recommended and you can read my article with further details HERE…

Pixly Pro – A Revolutionary Product


Pixly Pro is a brand new plugin software that uses your pixel for advertising  to get much more targeted traffic from other peoples websites traffic. You use the software to add your pixel (say your Facebook pixel) and then create specific links that can be added to other high traffic websites where your pixel will pop up and get the visitors attention and if they click on your pixel ad they can become your traffic and opt in subscriber. A new revolutionary software that will become a hit in the internet industry. Highly Recommended. 

Affiliate Ad Rotator


Affiliate Ad Rotator is a product from Dave Nicholson and John Thornhill. It is a membership based product with a special launch price of only $7.95 per month. A powerful tool at a very affordable price for any affiliate marketer out there, from the most experienced right down to the very beginners. It’s a beautifully simple concept that allows you to display the best selling ClickBank products as images that constantly update on your website, giving your visitors fresh and new products each and every time they return. You can read my article here on what Affiliate Ad Rotator can do for your business HERE…

Brian Winters Dual Squeeze X-Site Membership – 50% Discount And $1.00 Trial!


Brian Winters is a top product developer on JVZoo and his Dual Squeeze X-Site is a fantastic product that can build your list and customer base for any type of internet business, not only affiliate marketing. He has a $1 start trial that then reverts into a monthly membership fee that is being used by all the top marketers. Once you try it out you will see that value of having Dual Squeeze part of your business.

Viper Cache


Viper Cache is a plugin that many marketers use to speed up their website loading. Viper Cache creates a web ready version of all your pages making your site perform much faster and massively reduces your server load. It also better equips your site to bear the burden of any sudden traffic spikes without you needing to upgrade your hosting. Chris Hitman, John Merrick & David Cassar are behind this product and are regarded as trusted experts when it comes to website optimisation in the industry. We all know that a slow website means losing sales and profits and Viper Cache eliminates that problem plus other issues as well. Highly Recommended.

WP Easy Pages Agency License – Affiliate Information


Any landing page built in WordPress will be slowed down by the theme or a plugin you are using. This is the biggest reason why many users opt to use hosted page building services.  Because of the way standard page building plugins are built you are at an instant disadvantage when it comes to page speed. David Cassar has run millions of dollars of ads for 100’s of businesses including Fortune 500 companies and he has developed the WP Easy Pages software plugin to bypass your WordPress site’s theme & plugin’s CSS. This massively improves your page performance. In addition to that the code produced by the plugin is very thin which makes it perfect for sales pages, landing pages & opt-in pages. With this product you will get 16 lightning fast templates including 3 Pro Templates tested on millions of dollars of traffic. We need speed to have a great website and help our business. Highly Recommended.

These are some of the top products that I have selected and use for my business. These are additions to my other recommendations which you can access through my list page HERE…

Free Images To Download For A Website

Images are needed for your sites as you build them out. HERE… you will find an article that I have written with many resources for free images that you can use for your own websites. There is a plethora of material here and you don’t have to pay for any.

As I come across other new and updated products that will improve your and my internet marketing businesses I will add them to the list. I hope you find value in these products and they help improve your business.

TV Boss Fire – Something That’s Hot


A new software that’s getting a LOT of buzz action…TV Boss Fire is a unique software that allows to set up and make….

YOUR OWN TV Channel!!!!

People have jumped into this product as fast as they can as the traffic generation from streaming channels is taking the world by storm.

Read more on this fantastic opportuntiy on my article HERE… or visit the official page from the link above.

Sendiio-A Thorough Review


The creator of Sendiio, Joshua Zamora, has put some well thought initiatives into this software and has gained praise from internet marketers worldwide.

An outstanding product, Sendiio is taking the internet marketing industry by storm. It’s classed as a special auto-responder able to connect important marketing channels to make your income potential easier.

For more internet marketing resources go HERE for my recommended list.