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Read below so you can make an informed decision if it’s right for you.

WHAT is TV Boss Fire?

A Cloudbased software (membership site) where you login and used to create your own TV Channels.

You’ll be able to publish videos, your own and others, on Roku and Amazon Fire. Imagine having your videos full of audience capturing content showing on millions of people’s TV’s! Actually over 50 million TV’s!

Does that sound grand?

WHY would you want a TV channel?

In case, you’ve missed it… On-demand TV is BIG Business. You already might be part of the millions switching from cable TV to streaming TV. If you are, you’ll see why advertisers are pouring BILLIONS of dollars into these platforms.

Some existing TV Boss Fire members have already made $200k+ by just checking the box to add the adverts into their videos! These lucky beta testers have all their testimonials right HERE…

So, to answer the question above, I think you realise why you’d want your own channel that can be streamed on so many devices for the tech savy viewers that are hungry for information…

WHAT extra things do I need to buy?

This was where there was a bit of a mix up. On a training video inside the system it says you need to buy a Roku AND Firestick. These are USB devices you connect to your TV to allow you to stream the TV shows.

The video is inaccurate. You DO NOT need to buy one in order to create your own channels. You only need them if you want to watch your channels on your TV. But if you’re already into streaming videos then by all means, go and get it.

Otherwise, you can get one later if you want, with your profits 🙂

One thing for sure is that you’ll need a TV Boss Fire account of course.

You can create your TV Boss Fire account here

There are a few choices you can select and it depends on what you would like to do with this incredible product, but get in early as these prices won’t last. Buying the unlimited option, as most marketers are doing, is a great choice if you have several niches. Making multiple channels is the way to go to give a great spread across the market for your blogs to drive a lot of traffic from the streaming videos that viewers are hungry for.

If you have a business that you want to promote through streaming, then just stick with the single channel option. You won’t believe the affordable price these guys are prepared to charge to give you a head start against your opposition.

Something to be aware of is that you need video hosting, somewhere to store your videos… As you start accumulating your hundreds of thousands of subscribers watching a lot of your videos it will become a must have situation.

They recommend Vimeo, which is one of the preferred providers but, there are other companies in the market place.

Are there any Upsells?

Yes, there are some upsells and you’re welcome to check those out of course – you might find them useful to you – but don’t buy them unless you think they are of benefit to you.

The front end/main product is enough for you to start getting results and income from without buying any of them. (unless you absolutely think they will help – OTO1 is a pretty good deal, with extra training – but again – it’s totally optional)

HOW/WHERE do I get videos for my channel?

The use of,any kind of video that you have permission to use, of course, is acceptable. These can be videos you’ve made yourself, or material you have from PLR rights products.

Another popular way, is by accessing videos from YouTube and Vimeo, but before using them just make sure you filter by ‘Creative Commons’ and get the correct permissions, as mentioned above.

Here’s how to get content from YouTube for your channel

Step 1: Go to YouTube and do a search for a keyword in your niche

Step 2: Click on ‘FILTER’ (its just under the search bar) and select ‘Creative Commons’. A little tip is to sort by view count so try to pick the really popular ones

Step 3: Choose the video you want and download it using a free tool like this youtube video downloader here

Step 4: Upload the video (on vimeo or your own hosting as mentioned before), login to your TV Boss Fire account and post it.

Your video automatically gets published on both Roku and Amazon Fire right away without any issues to worry about.

Will It WORK For You?

Because BOTH the system AND platform are proven, there is no reason that it will not work. Follow all the step-by-step training that is included, and away you go… If you get stuck at any time, just access the support group that’s been set up to ensure your success.

If you commit just a few minutes a day, you too can see some amazing results. Below is just a few channels that have been created.

Click below to find out more about TV Boss Fire and see for yourself…

Do it quick though – as these prices won’t last. Now is the time to jump on this offer to get access to all the advertising income, extra traffic and massive authority you can have with this groundbreaking software.

Hope this has helped!

To your success…John

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