1. Himbru

    Great info for bloggers and website owners. Writing is a tedious job and writing all your blog contents and publishing it regularly is really tiresome work. So private level right dealer sometimes helps a lot to maintain the publishing frequency along with getting traffic for targeted keywords. Though I have not use till now but I am thinking to use this service right now.
    Thank you for providing this great info.

    • John

      Hi Himbru, thanks for your comments. Yes using a good quality PLR dealer can help with adding regular content for your site. Glad my article was timely for you. I am sure you will find it useful.


  2. Dave

    Hey there,

    I see that the PLR dealer provides content for the website. Which kind of content is it? Is it original, spun or duplicate content? I was told by my internet marketing teacher that most plr systems work with duplicate or replicate content which could my site punished by Google and other search engines.

    • John

      Hi Dave, and thanks for your comments and questions. PLR Dealer adds fresh content monthly and depending on the package membership you purchase you will get these updated contents on the membership site. One way of avoiding duplicate posts and articles is to use another software that I use and promote called Spin Rewriter that changes the article to a unique new article that gives it “your own” look. You can check that HERE if you like.

      Thanks John

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