The CB Passive Income License – Something That Works

I know – you have a goal, a dream. You want to start making money online with internet marketing.
You’ve heard about how amazing it is, and yes, IT IS that amazing. Let me introduce you to someone that has helped 1000s of people… Patric Chan has been doing this for 15 years now and he can honestly tell you that he has been so blessed of making a small fortune from this business.

But what’s the unspoken truth you weren’t told? Well it can be pretty darn difficult if you don’t get the proper training and help from those who have walked the path before you. Oh..and yes it does mean investment.

Patric has put together his CB Passive Income program that gets you up and running very quickly.
In this training, you’ll have the chance to get access to Patric’s “secret” funnel that has been generating income for him and many others, since 2014 until now – for the first time, he’ll walk you behind the scene of his “secret cash cow”.

Patric is going to let you clone his internet marketing business, where you can earn a LIFETIME full of commissions.

Below is ClickBanks VP of marketing with a few words about Patric

He’s going to let you clone his highly profitable “secret web pages”. And then you can start earning your own online income.

One of the biggest challenges is knowing how to get started.
As much as getting started is important, I think it’s even more important to start at an accelerated speed!
So when you grab the CB Passive Income License Program, you’ll also get to attend an exclusive clients-only online streaming training to help you get started making money online from ClickBank with this newfound turnkey business.
This is NOT your typical webinar training – Patrics team plans to train you for at least 2 hours which walks you through step-by-step to get started and make profit!
There are 3 modules for you during the training:
  • How to Get Started
  • How to Build Your List Quickly
  • How to Make Your ClickBank Commission On Automation
Let me remind you again – this will be step-by-step training, so even if you’re a newbie, you’ll be able to follow!
You’ll be able to register for this training immediately after you’ve secured your copy.

With this training plus many other great features within Patrics CB Passive Incomes program, you will only need to follow 3 steps to get your online earning business off and running at a quick pace.

3 Simple Steps To Cloning Your Own Income…

With a turnkey system where you duplicate exactly what Patric and his many students have been doing you can start earning an income quickly…

  • Login to the CB Passive Income Dashboard and insert your ClickBank ID. This way, you’ll earn 100% of the commissions from Patrics email promotions send outs.
  • Choose which page you want to clone.
  • Go through the training on how to promote your new online business and how to get your traffic.
Starting out with Patrics CB Passive Income program will get you going and get you started quickly into your online affiliate marketing business. Very Newbie friendly but also many old hands are tapping into Patrics system to give themselves another passive income stream.
Fact is…it works and for a reasonable start out investment of $47 a month(there are OTOs and also a one time investment for lifetime access) it is an easy way to get your feet wet.


If you want to get into Affiliate Marketing with all the ready done features set up, then Patric Chan’s CB Passive Income License is what you can start with. It doesn’t mean you stop what ever else your doing, but if your a newbie then start here and shorten your learning curve and if you’ve been at it a while then add the CB Passive Income program to your arsenal and boost you passive income streams…We all know that adding multiple income streams is what is smart in the online income industry.

Check out Patrics page and get yourself educated…


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