Best Forex Trading Course

If you’ve come to this page from my Affiliate Recommended Products Page , I have added this recommendation not because it is an affiliate marketing product but because Forex Trading is another way that I earn an income online. I just thought why not share my experience and add Forex Trading as another option for others to earn online apart from affiliate marketing…just as I have.

I have been trading Forex since 2010, or there abouts, well before I started affiliate marketing, and Forex has enabled me to become financially free. It is an industry that I fell in love with and still very passionate about.

I really struggled in the early years and once I purchased and followed Andrew Mitchem’s “The Forex Trading Coach” course, only then did I become successful. You see I started affiliate marketing to take up the time after my Forex Trading success.  Once I succeeded with my trading and became consistent, trading can become quite boring (not that making money online is boring), so affiliate marketing and my website Ask John The Butcher became my projects while I trade. 


Anyway I am recommending Andrew’s course to people that may want to give Forex Trading a go and  become successful traders like me, and set up their financial future like I have for my family and myself, or/and start Forex Trading as a side business to affiliate marketing. You know, it’s better to have multiple forms of income for better diversification.

The course is a fantastic training on how anyone can become a trader, consistently earning money while using the best money management methods to protect your funds while identifying high probability winning trades.

Andrew walks you through step by step until you fully understand on what to look for and how to place the trades. As you learn you also earn as he sends out daily trading recommendations that all of his members received via a membership only website and on the members only forum, where other members share possible trades when they come up… even me. 

So you are not on your own at any time if you need to ask a question or get feed back on a possible trade decision to make.

Andrew is a very hands on guy and he answers his own emails to his members when they send him a question or query. Even if you just say hello and share your results he will reply back quite quickly as he has done to me many times.

On top of the training, daily trade recommendations, members website and forum, Andrew also has weekly live webinars every Thursday that nearly every member tries to attend for further refreshing training, question answering and live trade calls. One Thursday it is held by Andrew in the European Session and on the alternative week the webinar is held by Paul Tillman (whom I call Andrew Junior) a student and now outstanding mentor, during the USA Session. 

Here is some of what you get when you sign up for The Forex Trading Coach Course…

  • Easy to follow and highly effective trading system for identifying opportunities based on price action
  • Easy to follow training videos in the membership area
  • Immediate access to membership site
  • Andrew’s custom indicators developed by him from his years of experience in forex
  • Daily trading recommendations and market analysis so you can earn while you learn
  • Weekly live trading room webinars, where you trade with Andrew and Paul personally taking live trades plus more
  • Unlimited follow up and support (fast and very responsive)
  • Private membership to TFTC forum only for member’s

I have written an article on my journey to a successful Forex Trader and you can read it HERE…  I do warn you though it is a pretty long read as I write about how Andrew’s course changed mine and my families life.

You can go to the OFFICIAL WEBSITE and read more from Andrew and his many students from over 58 countries or more. 

If you have any questions, I am available as well any time, just send my an email to  and I will do my best to help you out.

To your success…