The creator of Sendiio, Joshua Zamora, has put some well thought initiatives into this software and has gained praise from internet marketers worldwide.


  • Price: $67 special price for pro
  • Owners: Joshua Zamora
  • Overall Rank: 10/10

An outstanding product, Sendiio is taking the internet marketing industry by storm. It’s classed as a special auto-responder able to connect important marketing channels to make your income potential easier.

It’s software technology combines the forces of already successful diverse platforms. These already well-used marketing platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Text message and
  • Emails

All of these platforms have been incorporated to be used on Sendiio’s single dashboard. The cleverness of having these three prominent marketing avenues in one place, just helps in streamlining your business so that you are able to concentrate on making money easier.

Sendiio is a great product for external clients you may have as well. Here the clients, that you have, do not need to bother themselves about the exact channel they will use among the three options available to them. Once people understand the power of Sendiio, everyone will come to the conclusion that having access to all of these marketing channels within the single dashboard, will surely bring the potential of raising profitability.

Watch Joshua as he shows a quick demo…

Features And Benefits Of Sendiio

There is no other app currently available that provides smart and unique features that Sendiio does. While there are some auto-responder available, none can work as ideally as Sendiio.

Some benefits and features associated with this auto-responder include but not limited to:

• Importing of diverse lists and marketing campaigns

Sendiio basically enables users to create and even import various lists. Not only email lists but lists across the board. Users can create their marketing campaigns on text messages, emails as well as Facebook messenger.

With this, you can target more customers that use different types of communication. Because of a wider communication scope there is greater chance of earning more profits within these large platforms.

• Sending of diverse texts, messages, and emails

With Sendiio, you do not need to only worry about focusing on any one marketing platform for the most ideal profit. Marketers sometimes feel that they could be missing out on potential revenue and profits because they don’t have the capabilities of handling these other marketing avenues that they leave out. If they ignore or probably neglect emails or Facebook and text messages, they are definitely missing out on opportunity. Now for users of Sendiio, the application allows individuals to send several emails, messages on Facebook as well as texts all at once. It is indeed a fantastic application.

• Development of lots of opt-in forms

The more you get to use and know Sendiio, the more fantastic features you will find and learn to use. Just like the amazing feature of Sendiio that users can build a lot of opt-in forms. These opt-in forms are also linked with page home builders.

• Combination of the largest marketing platforms

In using Sendiio, users will be able to scale up the complete utilisation of the big three profitable marketing media platforms. Scaling up all in one place just means having the power of an increased opportunity to produce larger sales.

• Convenient and user-friendly

With Sendiio, there is no need to log into all your different marketing platforms. Instead of all that, you will simply need to go to Sendiio’s dashboard and easily access the platforms you need swiftly, all in the one place.

Who Can Make Use Of Sendiio?

Anyone can make use of this web application and because it is user-friendly, the ultimate goal will give you great satisfaction with this high quality.

Those who can make use of the Sendiio auto-responder includes but not limited to:

• E-Commerce Stores

It is often said that if there is anyone that crucially needs the strength and power associated with text messages, Facebook messenger and email, it is none other than e-commerce stores.

This is because they practically ship goods to people in their homes and they are highly likely to use paid ads to generate sales.

There is also the ideal chance that they are or may already be capturing phone numbers, emails and Facebook Messenger users and by adding to the Sendiio’s platform the data will be easier to use and gain advantage from. No more double or tripling of the workload.

• Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, generation of affiliate sales can be done through text messages, emails and Facebook messenger. It basically functions beautifully with the three platforms.

One can easily suggest that affiliate marketing was propelled on the back of emails and has gradually moved to Facebook and text messages. Sendiio just enabled affiliates to carry it on to the next steps easier.

• Computerized product vendors

Individuals involved in the sales of digital products are rest-assured of their work while making use of Sendiio. Sendiio is among the strongest assets they can have as it can easily supply such individuals with income that is long term and predictable.

• Local Marketers

For those engaged in diverse types of local businesses, implementation of emails, Facebook and text messages for clients is actually the simplest of all the other available business models.

Nevertheless, your potential clients may be dealing with their customers on a face to face level, and this means they can simply ask them to do one of the following.

1. Asking the customers to sign up to the mailing list they own

2. Get updates in texts and;

3. Link with their Facebook pages

All these can be done easily by enticing with a discount rate on services or products. There is also a good opportunity for lots of local businesses, who have a list of customers written in an Excel sheet gathering dust, to transfer over to Sendiio’s platform and streamline the whole operation.

These services can be offered to them, and it will help to add to an infinite supply of income that keeps recurring.

• Agency Marketers

If you are engaged in operating Facebook ads, YouTube ads, Google ads and every other type of ads, you can run them for your client. You can easily offer to completely take over the follow-up plans through Facebook, texts, and emails.

Additionally, extra profit will be given to your agency. It will also be given to consumers too. With Sendiio, it is a win-win situation.

To Wrap It Up

Every other business model, be it big or small, offline or online needs to be keeping up to date or improving or keep up with trending marketing processes like applying text messages, Facebook messenger and emails as an aspect for their sales strategy.

For people who need to increase their profits are advised to check out the world of Sendiio. I will repeat this comment again… Joshua Zamora, has put some well thought initiatives into this software and has gained praise from internet marketers worldwide. If other marketers have high regard for what Sendiio is doing for them, then perhaps it will pay to take a look for yourself on the official website, watch the demo video and add another great tool to your arsenal. Click the link below for access.

Regards John

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