For Video Marketers

Below are my selected recommendations if you want to get into the affiliate industry by Video Marketing. These products are first rate software that enables to prepare information with ease and with great training and support to help set everything up for you so that you can succeed.

Lingo Blaster…


Lingo Blaster is a fantastic software that enables to turn your Videos into many languages that you decide upon. By using different languages you can increase the traffic to your videos and gain a better ranking as well as increase sales and profits. This is a best selling tool that many video marketers have in their arsenal. You can read my article HERE…

Tube Buddy


Tube Buddy says it all. Get your perfect You Tube training and step by step lessons from another best selling product. Tube Buddy is great for anyone new wanting to learn how to start and run a successful You Tube affiliate business. Works fantastically hand in hand with Lingo Blaster above. I am a member of Tube Buddy as well. Visit the official website and for more info read my article HERE…



The VideoPal software is the world’s revolutionary software suite that encompasses stunning looking Animated 3D, Animated 2D and Human Spokespersons (Video Pals) and allows them to be added to ANY website (even sites you don’t own). The software can also be incorporated to blogs, e-commerce sites, bonus pages, and landing pages in seconds to instantly boost sales, conversions and leads. You can read my article HERE…



Videze is a cloud base app which empowers you to create fantastic different kinds of videos like cinema style videos at the click of your mouse. This is a top selling product and smart tool which can give the capacity to rapidly grow your business by driving tremendous amounts of action to your site. You can read more about what it can do on my article HERE…

You Tube Secrets


You Tube Secrets is a training program that will teach you how with just 30 minute weekly updates on how to generate monthly payments from YouTube, wired directly to your bank account. This course has been a best seller on Clickbank for many years and is still widely used by You Tube marketers.

These are the best of the video marketing products out at the moment. I will add more once I research and find that they are worth recommending. 

TV Boss Fire – Something That’s Hot


A new software that’s getting a LOT of buzz action…TV Boss Fire is a unique software that allows to set up and make….

YOUR OWN TV Channel!!!!

People have jumped into this product as fast as they can as the traffic generation from streaming channels is taking the world by storm.

Read more on this fantastic opportuntiy on my article HERE… or visit the official page from the link above.

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