“If you want to change the direction of your life and current income, you’re going to have to do something different. Make a commitment and an exciting choice, and pursue your new outcome.”

Lets look at a scenario…

Two people, lets name them Joe and Bob, buy the same internet marketing product.

Joe goes through it and he gets everything he can out of it. He starts applying what he has studied and learned. Along the way Joe takes a few knocks. He faces some unexpected challenges, but he goes back to the product and looks for references to the problems he comes across. In addition, he applies some basic problem-solving skills to find a way past these obstacles and keeps moving forward.

After a while he starts to see results. He feels good as it’s actually working. He decides to invest more in his education and adds a few more skills and finds his profits increase. He feels good as his business is growing. Along the way he experiences a few more failures, but he sees and sets his mindset as these are learning experiences and a nature of the game. He doesn’t let them stop him.

Eventually he has a booming business that create the income and lifestyle he is looking for.

It wasn’t easy, but the challenge was worth it.

Lets take a look at what happens to Bob.

He buys the same product and goes through some of it before deciding he already knows most of it but decides to give it a shot anyway.

So he gets started and half-heartily implements the first step.

He runs into an unexpected challenge and instead of trying to work his way through it, he complains about it for a while and almost gives up. He knuckles down and finds his way past it. He isn’t 100% certain that he has the right answer, but it works out. Then another problem occurs. Bob starts thinking that there must be something wrong with the system and thinks it should be easier.

So…he quits and waits for an easier solution.

What’s the difference between Joe and Bob?

I guess you might be getting my point that to be successful online you need an important element called “mental toughness and commitment”. That’s the difference between Joe and Bob. Yeah…I know…it’s taken me a long time to figure that out and really, it should have been obvious.

Everyone I know that has succeeded online has had to overcome challenges along the way and sometimes I don’t know if anything worked perfectly for me on my first try. Even when you’re following the right system, there is still a learning process. You don’t pick up everything when you first go through a product and it’s easy to miss a few pieces when you first try a system out or, you discover your market reacts a little different than others.

Human nature stays the same, but there are little variations based on markets, customer expectations, competitors, and every other little variable, that can make it challenging. That’s why testing is important.

One of the biggest problems in online marketing is how often it’s portrayed as “easy”. The systems we follow are often simple…once you break them down into steps, but it’s really not that easy…especially on the mental side.

Mental toughness is required. Commitment is required.


You have to keep moving forward, even when it seems hard. Others around you may tell you it wont work, or you’re wasting your time and you may even want to give up. You need to remember that you can’t take failure personally, because failure is only a temporary thing…and it’s a natural result of trying something new.

I’d like to help you on your journey and recommend a place where you can get all that you need to succeed, and in this place you will have no problem on staying focused and motivated.

You will get community support from thousands of people that started out just like you and me and that have been through the challenges and problems along the way. You can ask advice from the members and discuss any issues that you may be facing.

I’m not promising you that it will be easy and you will face challenges, but goals and things that are worth it normally takes that mental toughness and commitment that I mentioned earlier.

I can promise you though, in this place, Wealthy Affiliate, where I learned to become a success, you will be shown step by step through hand holding training and support, the way to reach your goals and dreams at a faster rate that you thought possible.

Remember my statement at the top?

“If you want to change the direction of your life and current income, you’re going to have to do something different. Make a commitment and an exciting choice, and pursue your new outcome.”

Join me and thousands of others at Wealthy Affiliate and change your life’s direction. Its free to sign up and trial, but once you see the value you’ll become part of the family.


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