Spending money to set up your online writing business, is not only smart and easy to do, but also gets you to becoming profitable faster.

It’s all too easy to fall for what I call false economies in the quest to make money online writing on a blog.

By my meaning of false economies, it’s when you do something to save money but it ends up costing you dearly, in either time or money.

Where this happens most is with learning.

If you want to make a go of making money online and grow a sustainable online business, you first need to know how to do it and do it properly. But what normally happens with most people can cause you to stumble in 2 ways – buying nothing or buying cheap. In other words, not investing in the tools needed and not investing in yourself.

Buying nothing means exactly that.

You want to learn but you don’t buy the tools you need.

Instead, you waste your time surfing the Internet for free newsletters, free courses and free eBooks.

And while all these things will help, they won’t teach you everything you need to know.


Simply because no one gives away their best information for free. I.m sure deep down you know and believe that statement to be true. People go online to earn money and they can’t make money if they’re not selling something.

There are, of course, other ways people earn money online, such as through advertising. Their websites don’t seem to be selling anything through the content, but they do make money from visitors clicking on the ads on their site.

But in reality, their content isn’t worth much because they don’t have well written saleable information.

Free stuff online is helpful, but if you pay for some good info it will generally fast track you to your ultimate goal…and that is… earning some dollars.

Likewise, only using free software also has it’s downside because it will never be as good as the stuff you pay for.

Buying cheap is another false economy.

Just because something has a low price it doesn’t mean you’re getting a bargain.

As an example, some people buy a computer based on price. They start searching by price rather than specifications.

Now, if you’re like me, my thinking is, what’s the point of buying a computer that can’t do all the things you want it to?

When it comes to computers (or anything for that matter) you must look for exactly what you want first AND THEN worry about price. If money is an issue then sell some stuff you don’t need or cut back on buying stuff that you don’t really need or can go without for a while, until you can afford it.

And if you need to buy a course that will teach you how to do something, then buy it and don’t waste time looking around for a “freebie” or something cheaper.

A perfect example from my personal experience is when I wanted to learn about Forex Trading. I searched for free stuff and eventually realized that if I want to do this right then I needed to take a course.

I actually paid for three courses and they were all valuable. They all taught me something different about the FX Market with the final course setting me in the right direction with all that I needed. Since the last course I have been a profitable trader for years.

You can check out the article on my journey HERE or click on the banner to go The Forex Trading Coach website for further info.

To be honest looking back now, it was a relatively small investment for the returns that I have gained for the financial future of myself and my family.

Getting back to point though…

Likewise, if there’s some software that can help save you time, then buy it.

If you haven’t already, I am sure you will eventually believe that time is worth far more than money, and that YOUR TIME is worth far more than money.

With the right tools, software and learning, not only can you get much more work done (and earn more money) but these three things will save you time and eliminate wasting time on unimportant and slow tasks.

For instance, when I started doing a lot of affiliate marketing, I found it much easier to promote a product if I owned it myself first rather than save money by not buying it. The try before promote strategy has worked well for me by showing potential customers that the product is a worthwhile investment and gaining their trust because you’ve put your money where your mouth is.

If you want to learn about making your own website from start to finish, then do a course on how to do it right. I did this as well with signing up to Wealthy Affiliate. They firstly offered a free trial for a look around and a start of the course, and once I realized the value, I signed up for the course and now have a few websites all producing an earning online. Investing in the Wealthy Affiliate course was one of the best things I ever did.

Take a look at Wealthy Affiliate yourself by clicking on the banner below.

So in the end…

My advice to you, is that if you really want to make a go with your new online business and keep earning money for years to come, don’t fall into the mind set of being a penny-pincher and fall into the false economy trap.

Above I have given two examples of investments that were worthwhile for me and have given me the opportunity to earn money using the internet. By investing in these course I also invested in myself to fast track my earning through the internet and gain financial freedom and also gain TIME.

Anyone and everyone can do what I did…you just need to take action and believe in yourself.

If you need more help then check out my Internet Marketing Resources page for many other important tools to get to your goal of earning online much faster than trying to do it all for free.

Happy learning and regards John

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