The best help you could possibly need to create your own website and start using it to make money online.

It’s a big statement but the one place for all your needs is… Wealthy Affiliate. WA is a community with hundreds of active members that are not only website owners and online business owners but they are also willing to give their time into helping you with all kinds of issues you might encounter when building your website and starting a business online.

Community Support

Whatever your concerns may be. From the smallest starting point to other things like plugins, content, or even how to upload images. The WA community has your back during the building and development of your website. Someone has the answer to your question no matter how silly you may think it is….We all started somewhere!

Technical Support

WA has a highly-skilled technical support team that is available 24/7 to resolve the back office technical errors and can also answer questions to your concerns as well. With my time of being a member of Wealthy affiliate, I have never had to wait longer than fifteen minutes for a response from this team. They are just super fast to help solve the issue.

What About Questions?

If you have any questions, there are quite a few ways to ask these.

  • Start typing your question and the internal search engine quite often finds the answer in the archive. Someone’s probably asked it before and it has been answered.
  • There is a question form to launch your question into the community.
  • Live chat your question to get a direct response almost instantly.
  • You can send a message to the technical support team 24/7.
  • You can send a private message to one of the Ambassadors that have plenty of experience.

Your question will surely get answered!

The Best Training Courses

As well as the official training, there are also thousands of members that have made their own training sessions that you can lookup by typing in the search bar for the particular subject/topic. It is in the database. Here’s a sample of a well-known member that has helped me out when I needed it. Take a look at what Loes has written for free.

Your Articles Get Indexed On Google

You can become a member for free for the first 7 days for a look around and test run. You will have the opportunity to use your own blog space in these first 7 days. You can even stay free forever if you want.

But once you see the benefits and tools, as many already have, going premium gives you a unique feature of being able to get your content indexed on Google. This is all included with the membership. What this means is that what ever you write is instantly readable to everyone all over the world. That alone is worth the affordable price. I use it all the time.

You Can Private Message Someone

Another feature is to be able to send private messages to other members. Even to the founders of Wealthy Affiliate. Its very nice that you can specifically ask certain members for help with certain matters. You will certainly make friends during the time you spend in the community. You can bounce ideas off each other and ask for guidance when you need it.

Secure and Safe Environment For Your Website

Wealthy Affiliate has its own servers. Security is a No #1 priority to them that’s why all websites have SSL by default. (SSL = a green padlock in the browser). Most companies, where you can host websites charge you about $100 per year/per website for this padlock. This security is included in the membership, whether you are a free member or a paid member, it is all included. Your websites are hosted by the Wealthy Affiliate platform; called SiteRubix. The inclusion of free websites and paid member websites with the security stops hackers getting entry. All websites are therefore protected as a standard feature.

I Guess Your Question Is?

What’s The price for a Wealthy Affiliate Membership

Below is a look at a few different ways to become a member of the WA platform. You can choose between:

  • A free membership $0,–very basic, it’s free, you can run 2 sub-domain websites, you get the default security and the first lessons in the 7 days. You can still stay free but I know you won’t after you see what you can get.
  • A monthly membership $49,–All-inclusive, no additional costs,except when you want to convert the sub-domain into a purchased domain, you have to pay that yourself. (that’s not much anyway and cheaper than other places)
  • A six-month membership $39,--/per month (a bit of a discount)All-inclusive, no additional costs, except when you want to convert the sub-domain into a purchased domain, you have to pay that yourself. (same as above)This membership is debited in one go.
  • The attractive annual membership $29,92/per month, yearly billed (an even better deal)All-inclusive, no additional costs, except when you want to convert the sub-domain into a purchased domain, you have to pay that yourself.(same as above)

So you can see there are NO ADD ONS OR EXTRA CHARGES…Everything you need is for a very affordable price.

What Will You Get and Learn With The Membership of Wealthy Affiliate?

I’ve only listed a few things you will learn, there is too much to tell.

  • How to set up a WordPress website. We only have the top-notch WP themes
  • How to add content
  • Which images you can and cannot use
  • How to add plugins
  • How to make a website backup
  • How to write articles
  • All about Google, SEO, and analytics
  • Of course, Social Media training
  • The opportunity to create and host 50 websites (Ideal when you want your kids to create websites for free)
  • Technical support service 24/7
  • Member support for every question that just pops up
  • More info…

What I say now is… Don’t believe me. Just try it out yourself for free at first. Once you have experienced Wealthy Affiliate, and see what I have been telling you about, you will understand the benefits of a WA Membership. You can take a free look at the platform for 7 days, without any obligation, you can try/click everything for free for 7 days and form your own opinion before you decide whether you will stay or whether it’s not for you.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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