Getting your online readers engaged is a critical part of your online business and brand promotion.

You could be writing many blogs/articles on a frequent basis and posting them on various sites and social platforms hoping, to have bigger business footprint but, if your readers and potential customers are not spending the time on your pages and checking them thoroughly, you won’t be able to achieve your expected goals.

While content marketing has exploded in recent years, many of these content producers are dropping the ball by not engaging with their visitors.

What does it mean?

It means that many visitors aren’t spending much time and leaving your pages speedily.

What’s more disheartening is that even those who are spending some time checking the pages aren’t spending more than 37-odd seconds.

Perhaps, the huge volume of content available nowadays is motivating them to leave your pages to check other sources. Maybe, their exposure to other media tools simultaneously is also behind the high bounce rate and distracting them away from sites.

Whatever could be the reason, it’s important to try to understand your readers and visitors and engage them.

But how do we do it? How should we write engaging content?

Below are 4 tips to follow for improving engagement to better your business.

1. Know and understand your prospects & readers: Find out what they want and what their likes and dislikes are. Study their behavioral patterns. An excellent source for information on your readers and potential customers could be the different social media sites that they could be using. Scanning theses can be immensely helpful.

2. Have relevant supporting images: Images– besides being great text breakers, also have the ability to convey your message in a much more powerful manner. Relevant images lift your story forward and help engage your readers and customers in a nearly guaranteed way. The brain processes images faster than it processes the words so, have supporting images on your pages for better connections with your prospects & readers.

3. Have the right supporting videos: Videos are a powerful tool to attract and engage the viewers. Having them on your pages, especially when you are planning to do instructional blog posts can do wonders, and, hook your potential prospects and lead to better engagement. A great idea, is, instead of having info graphics, you use videos to convey your message and reach your target viewers. Now with smartphones at your ready, you have a handy and inexpensive tool to shoot decent videos for your pages. Let’s face it, our phones come everywhere with us and how many times have you used for a happy snap shot. Using it for strategic video is not that hard.

4. Use clever quotes by well-known personalities: Quotes are another wonderful text breaker. They also lend credibility to your story, and can lift it forward again. People trust you when you support your content with a relevant quote, by a famous & respected figure so, don’t be afraid to use appropriate quotes that supports what you are saying and writing about. Using them in italics or a different color can help and it will make your text more professional and engaging.

5. Highlight tips: Why do people visit sites? Generally people visit sites to get help and an answer for a problem they could be suffering from. Sharing useful tips in bullet form to better engage them and inspire them to consume your content right from beginning to end will naturally result in your visitors spending more time on your pages, and giving you what you want, them to do… Buy something or make a comment.

For further help with your website building business, visit my Internet Marketing Resources page where you can find the tools for the mentioned above tips.


It pays to engage your readers and visitors. Have supporting and relevant images and videos to engage them in a better manner. Also, use quotes and highlight useful tips so that while the bounce rate of your web pages drops, readers’ engagement increases and lengthens the time spent on your site.

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Regards John

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