Have you ever wondered…what happened to the time? Well yes it does slip away when we’re not noticing and things do get away from us. Sometimes to our dismay. Well do you have enough time today?

Understanding how to get into a habit of time management is something we all have to learn and try to get the best from every day.

Here’s a short list of things to make you think about time.

Time is Limited – There is no more of it. You have all there is.

Time is Irretrievable – Once it’s gone, it is spent. You can’t çall it back or recapture it.

Time is Universal – Time is the same for everyone, we all get the same amount of it.

Time is Unstorable – Time cannot be saved, squirreled, invested, it must be spent.

Pretty important points that can make you think about what you’ve done in your life.

We need to think of time as an investment for our future, whether we decide where we want to spend it. Try to workout on making some good informed decision about using your time to set up a few side businesses so that you can give yourself MORE time to spend on what you like doing. It might be spending more time with the family and kids, on a hobby you’ve always wanted to do or just on lazing around and taking it easy.

Working out on to set up an extra income isn’t that hard but does take some thinking time and yes…a bit of effort…but make sure you try to use your time wisely to get you to that point.

I’m going to cut some time down for you on what has worked for me and has given me time to relax and enjoy myself and my time. Below are three ideas or recommendations…

No 1. Learn about making your own website…

Yep, get your own website and write about things that you are interested in. Believe it or not people are interested in what you have to say and hear about your experiences in what you’ve done in your life. I bet you do this already, whether on face book, twitter, linkedin or other social media. Well why not do the same with a website and then you can monetize it.

It’s not that hard to set up and there is great training on how to do this. You can get your own website for free with easy to follow step by step instructions on what you need to do to set one up. Click the link below.

That’s what I did right here.

If you want to join a community for some further training then click the banner below and sign up for free. You can take a look around and get your website started and setup here as well and you don’t ever have to join the paid membership if you don’t want to, and still have your website that is yours forever free. But I am sure once you get started you will see the benefits of joining a community that has nothing but great help for you to get you on your way.

The idea is that once you invest your time wisely at the start, you will have more time for enjoying yourself later down the road. Click above or the image below for the free sign up page.

No 2. Learn about forex trading…

Forex trading is another income stream for me and I have been trading since 2008..I think or there about. I did many courses until I found the right one that worked for me with the right strategy that has helped me with an income and also for time to do something else…like writing this article for one of my websites. Yes I have a few…all because I now have time and I suppose…I like doing it.

Forex Trading is an investment in not only time but also money, but it can be a relatively cheap way of starting an income producing business. Just think for a moment, if you want to learn about things you sometimes need to invest in information and training, like a gym, karate. I think you get the idea.

Learning forex the right way is no different but the results can/will be rewarding. Not only in money terms but also time terms as well. But…don’t think it is a quick rich scheme as you may be tricked into believing from others. It takes well invested time to get it right and then let the monies grow over well spent time into another added income for your life.

The link I add is for my mentor and trainer where I learned the strategy and system that headed me in the right direct direction. I am still a member there have been since 2013 I think…it was such a long time ago..pardon the pun.

The Forex Trading Coach

I have an article on My Trading Journey where I tell you how I got to where I am now. Information on how I wasted a lot of time as well. I do recommend going down this path as well as the others as I am passionate about trading and it has changed my life…. Given me freedom and of course…time.

No 3. Starting your own Amazon store…

Yes I have one of these as well. There are many software programs out in internet land that help to set up your own Amazon Store. You can employ people to do it all for you at a cost as well but the one I used was only $29.95 when I paid for it and has great training for any newbie wanting to give it ago.

I set mine up in less than a day and just implemented each step as I watched each training video. The software is fantastic and does everything for you. You just need to choose what you want to promote and the system sets it up for you an of course you do need to add your Amazon affiliate links and your details so you get to earn the commissions but all the training is there for you.

Click the link or banner to take you to a video on explaining how it all works and what you can do.

Stream Store Cloud

Here’s mine if you wanted to take a look at what you can do. Latest Hunting Gear… There are so many products you can promote on the web and why not chose something that you know a lot about. That way you can write about your experiences and help people make the right choice before they buy. That’s what internet marketing is about and why not earn a dollar on along the way.

My conclusion for you…

So, my message to you is about what you spend your time on today is an investment for your future. Spend it wisely and thoughtfully as you will never get it back. Using the right time to set things up, whether you are new to using the internet or new to thinking about how to make money online can start now.

Instead of wasting time just posting on FB or other social media and not getting anything in return, why not make your own website or Amazon store and talk about how you did it on FB with your friends.

Use your time wisely so you can spend your time on holiday sending pics while you know your businesses are earning an income as you enjoy your time.

Best regards…John

Click here for some other time saving ideas…

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