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I am glad you have managed to find my website and I am here to help you gain the knowledge to break the shackles from the every day mundane work place.

How much money do you think you would like to earn for the rest of life, even after you decide to retire? It all starts with a wonderful program developed by 2 young gentlemen Kyle and Carson. They have developed a website building business that has given many everyday normal people like you and I the power to start earning income on-line.

Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate…


Wealthy Affiliate is a community based learning, training, supporting group of like minded people that have come together or found each other to help and grow their quest for changing their lives.

You see, we all want to do the very best with our time. We all want spend quality time with our families or doing things that we wish we could enjoy doing most of our time instead of spending our lives chasing money to keep our heads above water.

Making money on-line is not a dream any more. It is a reality and can be done. There are two types of people in this world.  Those that are willing to work towards something, and those that want everything NOW

If you want to learn How To Start An Internet Business From Scratch , you have to have the right training and resources to begin to make your first dollar on-line.

If I can show you opportunity that has made more self made entrepreneurs successful in a matter of time, commitment, willingness to listen and  learn by writing about something they love. Would you be interested?

How much money would you like to be earning in the next six months?

Making a decision Today is the very first step of changing your life into a good life of happiness.

Starting an on-line business is perfect for individuals who have determined they want more in life. They have the determination to learn how to make Your On-line Income For Life with their own business.

I know this might sound a little crazy, but the simple fact that you have taken the step to look at what Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, sets you apart from the vast majority of people and demonstrates that you are determined to do something to change your life.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Legitimate On-line community based organisation that will show you how to use their many years of knowledge and experience in the internet world to start your own on-line business. Yes, It’s a Business.

Make Money Building Niche Websites

People always ask me, what is the starting point of a business on-line.  The answer: A NICHE.  A niche is an audience or a group of people interested in something.  This could be anything, from “how to train for a Security  job”, to “how to Dry Age Beef” to “making money on-line”.

There are literally millions of niches and the playing field is level for any one of us to enter any niche within the on-line world and carve out a very successful business on-line.  This is one of the fundamental business models that we teach at Wealthy Affiliate and it is a business that can take shape rather quickly (in a few months time).

The process in a nutshell looks like this:

(1) Choose a niche
(2) Build a website
(3) Building out content on your website (that leads to rankings/traffic)
(4) Monetize your traffic (the make $$ part)

The cost of entry:  Less than $100 and you don’t need any experience.
Recommended Training: WealthyAffiliate.com

You can actually start for free and as you gain experience and realise how simple it will be you will sign up as a Premium Member and grow in leaps and bounds.

So, wait no more and take your life to the next phase. Commence your on-line journey. Sign up for a free account atbeach-resort Wealthy Affiliate..today and start earning money. Eventually your work place will be any where you want to be in the World. Imagine that for your life. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to do, just sign up and you will be guided step by step by professional entrepreneurs that started exactly where you are now. Some have decade long experiences in this field and some are starting out just like you and already earning a nice extra income to compliment their current situation. Many like me still work part time but that is by CHOICE and having YOUR ON-LINE INCOME FOR LIFE will give that CHOICE.



Don’t be worried, I will be there too…here’s my Profile…

If you want to contact me, leave a message in the comments box or shoot me an email at john@youronlineincomeforlife.com


  1. Well done! Your post held my interest all the way though to the end. Well laid out and informative. At the end I wanted to find out more about Wealthy Affiliate. The graphics were well placed. Congratulations ! Well done!
    I hope my website conveys the same sense of acting today.

    1. Author

      Hi Kevin, Thank you for visiting my website. Wealth Affiliate is the best program I have come across in my search for on-line learning and training. I am sure you will get there. Keep reading and practising and you will make it.

      Thanks John

  2. Hi John,
    That’s a great writeup of Wealthy Affiliate – I’m really enjoying my membership, people are really helpful (especially when one gets ones butt kicked, as I have a few times – to get the best out of me!).

    There’s shed-loads of training on Wealthy Affiliate – all designed to have fun doing your thing and making money at it too.

    Great site, good stuff,


    1. Author

      Hi Andy, yes, you’re obviously a happy member. Wealth Affiliate is the best program I have ever seen, and I have seen a fair few. Follow the courses and you will not, cannot fail.

      Thanks for dropping and leaving a comment. Really appreciate it. John

  3. I’ve been trying to make money online for years now and much to my disappointment, every time the program/course/book promise something, they deliver something else.

    How would I know if Wealthy Affiliate is not that type of program? It seems that everywhere I researched, there are only positive reviews. Sometimes it sounds a bit biased. How different is their program from the many others out there? Curious to know.

    1. Author

      Hi Cathy, thanks for visiting my site and reading up on Wealthy Affiliate. I know what you mean about all the mis-information out there in internet world and I have had my fair share of disappointments and frustrations as well. My answer to your question about the Wealthy Affiliate program is just go over to the sign up page and sign up. IT’S FREE. The beauty of Wealthy Affiliate is you can try it out for free for a short time and get access to the main aspects of the program, from the first 10 part Getting Started Course, searching and asking questions to ANY Members within the company, (even the owners, Kyle and Carson), and build your own first free website with step by step instruction on how to set it up and get started. And even if you don’t become a Premium Member you still get to keep your free website and continue to work on it and earn money from it. You actually get 2 free websites for ever if you don’t become a member. No money, no credit card info required. But I am sure after you try you will find the benefits of being around a great community of people that all want you to succeed as we are all after the same thing. I will be there to help a hand as well. Here is my Profile and just click to see my progress and comments from my followers alike. You have nothing to risk just to have a look and I stand by what I say that Wealthy Affiliate is the best on-line learning and teaching program I have ever seen to date. Thanks John.

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