My Top Affiliate Program That Pays…

What is my top affiliate program that pays?  For me, my choice is Wealthy Affiliate…and I’ll tell you why in my article.

When I started searching for an answer on earning an income on-line, I searched hard to find out how I could do this.  I found many sites that promised the “highest paying affiliate programs this” and the “highest paying affiliate programs that” but not many offered how to actually do it.

We all have a dream to do as little as possible for earning as much money as possible in the shortest time possible and finding the right vehicle to move in this direction can be a mine field. Some programs don’t even explain that you need a website but just sign up here and away you go. No support, no training, etc etc. When you see statements like that, just Beware and check the Scams alert!

Well let me tell you that at first, a website is a great start, and you are going to need a little training on how to set a website up and a little training on affiliate marketing. These first steps will help create a long term on-line income that you can have for life. Hence my website Your On-line Income For Life came to fruition.

So lets get back to my reasoning on why I think Wealthy Affiliate is My Top Affiliate Program That Pays!

When I finally found Wealthy Affiliate, the answer to my searching had began, and the search commenced the journey to the life style that I now lead. Wealthy Affiliate not only taught me how to build a website but taught me how to use my website to earn a consistent on-line income day in and day out. Wealthy Affiliate trains and teaches every day ordinary people to start from scratch to lay the very foundations of building a successful business.

So not only is Wealthy Affiliate a University for learning how to join the income internet World, Wealthy Affiliate training program actually allows and teaches you how to earn an income from sharing their great course and program to other interested online marketers.

Just think of that for a minute.  

You sign up to learn, and as you’re learning and going through the courses and training, you are building your website, you are learning how to get traffic, learning how to add money making affiliate products to sell, learning how to communicate with fellow marketers, and also learning how to share information about Wealthy Affiliate and, here’s the kicker, you can also earn an on-line income form the Wealthy Affiliate University Learning Program that you are sharing.

Sounds amazing right!  So the next question is… How much can you earn as an affiliate from promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

I can tell you that most programs pay between the 3% and 10% commission for every sale you make. But the Wealthy Affiliate University Learning Program pays…

Wealthy Affiliate pays you a 40% recurring commission!

Recurring means, it comes back month after month! And all you have to do for it is advertise the World’s best affiliate marketing course!
Once people sign up for free and see the value, people sign up. The training and value practically sells itself !


Look at the info of the payments!


Every month $22.50 per sale! As long as your referral stays a premium member you get paid! And don’t be concerned if they stay signed up because they get the same deal and can earn as they learn.

Do you think it is hard to get 3 people to sign up for the  #1 affiliate marketing education in the world?

Only 3 people! And you will have profit!

Here are some other points that make Wealthy Affiliate attractive!

  1. You get 7 days totally free premium access to have a practice and trial.

  2. As a free starter you get 2 free websites to test out and practice on.

  3. No credit card needed to start.

  4. No obligation. No pressure.

  5. An opportunity to see for yourself.

  6. When you go Premium, the first month sign-up is at a discounted price.

That is why Wealthy Affiliate is…

My Top Affiliate Program That Pays…

It all starts here with a quick sign up to a free account. The developers of Wealthy Affiliate, Kyle and Carson, believe that you and everyone  else should have the opportunity to firstly “try before you buy” to get an understanding of what value you will receive when you you decide to take control of your future.

Success is just a click away…


I hope you take the step to take control of your destiny and let me know if you need further help in the comments below or connect with me once you’re inside Wealthy Affiliate.  I look forward to meeting you…. John


  1. You demonstrate the beauty of affiliate programs, the ability to earn decent commissions promoting someone else’s products and services. It sure saves the hassle of trying to create, develop, promote your own products.

    As you stated, anyone building an online business needs a website and the training on how to set it up and build it. Ideally, building your own website will let you stand out from the crowd!

    1. Author

      Hi Glen, thanks for dropping by. Yes it’s one of the best ways to build an income with minimal money investment. It doesn’t take much time to build a website either with Wealthy Affiliate. They have the best training and lessons I have seen. That’s why I am promoting them obviously.

      Thanks for taking the time to read. John

  2. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online with the least initial investment. WA is the best affiliate training available for free. I host earnrecurringrevenuefromhome .com on WA and as a member, I can say that the training is priceless on WA to build a sucessfull affiliate business. There are few, if any website builders that offer a free option, with the advanced training WA brings. WA has never left one of my questions unanswered, as there are thousands of helping community members. People need to realize that success with the affiliate business takes a lot of time and dedication. Its amazing that once your website starts making money, it becomes mostly auto pilot money afterwords. Fantastic review of a fantastic affiliate program.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comments. Glad to see someone else has the same experience with Wealthy Affiliate program. I have had much success with the program and I am sure once someone signs up they will see the benefits. Thanks John

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