Tips for Effective Content Writing…

Writing effective content is the way you will get visitors to your website over and over again. Effective content is what your visitors are searching for to solve an answer they are looking for, products that they want to buy and use and information for learning new things or even old things.

Keep the content on topic to the point and engaging so that your readers enjoy what they see and are finding the answers that they are searching for. Your readers will lose interest if you stray away from the article topic and then click away from your site.

Organise your topic…

Your information should be easy to understand and organised in a way so it flows in the right order. Separating the topic into sections will make it easy for you to follow when writing, and get your message across to your reader in a better way. If taking notes helps you then put them into a plan that is comfortable to your understanding.

Research your topic…

Researching your topic and writing about it effectively doesn’t need to take a lot of your time. Finding one, two or three reputable sources for your topic with accurate information can quickly help you write and deliver effective content. If you are making claims, provide proof through success stories, case studies and real examples. A respected resource will give your content more credibility as well.

Write in your style…

Remember, your content needs to be effective in a way that you are explaining and helping your readers like you are discussing or talking to them in your natural way. Just as your website has your choices of images and colours your content writing should be in your style and your type of character. Write like you are talking with your friends and family and helping them with an explanation that they are asking you for. You are helping them solve a problem. No need to get too clever or over creative as your style will build trust and likeness to you and get the readers coming back for more.

Use of headings is an effective way to make points standout as most people will scan headings and look for information points that will help them.

Focus on your topic…

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Your content needs to be focused on the topic. Explaining about the topic, item or product and keeping the reader focused as to why they are on your article so you can then point them towards the next step with you helping them. Guide your reader by using action points, links, signing up to mailing list, getting more help by reading another article or just to leave a comment is helping your visitor. That’s why they are on your website. Certainly don’t use all of them but use the right call to action choice for your particular topic. Be careful as too many action points will come across as too sell concise and pushy. You want to avoid this.

Important points and conclusion summaries…

Important points and conclusions can be summarised either at the start of your article or at the end. It can depend on the topic/product that your content is about. Some people prefer to have the summary at the start so the reader can have a quick overview of what the content will explain, in case they stop reading they will have an idea of what the article is about.

 Edit and correct at the end…

After writing the article, proof read and edit any corrections. Adjust any grammar issues and change some phrases if they don’t come across like your style and character. Be proud of what you’ve written.

A simple way to get another perspective…

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The real lesson here is to let your passion and enthusiasm of the topic or product information give your readers the feeling that you have helped them solve a problem. You have given them the best possible advice from your experiences and heart.

With these helpful tips for effective content writing I am sure you can give your readers great and informative articles that will keep them coming back to your site for more. Here’s another great article on writing an article fast

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  1. Hey John this is a great compilation for tips you’ve come up with here !

    Writing good and informative content isn’t enough for bloggers to get by nowadays with everyone’s short attention span, we have to write in a way that’s interesting as well.

    It is useful to note that we should use bullets, numberings and different headers to sort of break up and organize the content ( as you’ve said ).

    1. Author

      Hi Lucas and thanks for dropping by. Yes you’re right people are reading less unless they are looking hard for answers to their questions. Use of bullets, headings and numbers are great to keep the readers focused as you’ve mentioned. For me I write in my own style and add things like 3 little dots after headings … and some people like it and some don’t but that is my style that I like so I do it. As a blogger I can’t emphasis enough that people just need to write naturally and readers will form a bond to the style if it feels right to them. Thanks again for dropping by. John 

  2. Hi, I just finished looking over your website and I think it looks great. It is very neat and tidy. Clean lines and small paragraphs make it easier to keep readers interests.
    Good choice of your images and the color scheme.
    Keep up the good work.
    Wishing you much success.

    1. Author

      Hi Misti, thanks for visiting and for your comments. Putting a website together doesn’t need to take a lot of effort but just some good planning and research and writing for the heart. Glad you like it.

      All the best to you as well. John

  3. Excellent advice thank you. You’re right, it is important to research your topic thoroughly and to write in your own style. The reader needs to know that a professional individual is behind the writing. I like the idea of summarising too, as it’s important that the reader understands the content of the written piece.

    1. Author

      Hi Marie and thanks for dropping by. Yes good accurate research on the topic gives authenticity and people will then trust the publisher. They will then keep coming back to your site looking for more answers to their questions.Summarising also helps to recommend the action buttons on the article. Thanks for your comments. John

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