4 Effective Ways How to Promote Affiliate Products

One of the most common ways that people want to earn an online income is to become an affiliate of companies with a product or service and promote their products. I am going to show you 4 effective ways how to promote affiliate products to earn good revenue and make profit.

It’s a dog eat dog World out there in internet land, and these 4 promotional methods are some that are most used, tried and tested by many marketers within the industry. All great affiliate promoters had to start somewhere.

As you should be aware, the owners and producers of a product or service that you want to promote have already done the market research for their product or service. They already know that there is a market and demand out there. They are quite happy to let people like you earn a commission to help them sell their wares and by letting affiliate marketers earn a commission they save thousands on advertising and promoting themselves.

  • Owners already research if there is a market for their product or service
  • Owners have the product idea, product or service
  • Owners write the marketing content or sales letter
  • Owners normally provide some advertising materials
  • Owners take care of the payment receivable, delivery, customer follow up and technical part of the sale

They set everything up to make it easy for the affiliate promoter. All they need is for you, the promoter to drive the customers to them.

1. Promote Products That You Know About, Have Used and Believe In…

These are the best products or services to promote because you have the experience of them. You can recommend them without hesitation and when questions are asked (and they will be asked) you know how to answer because you’ve been there done that.

Only after your reader feels you are trustworthy and honest will that help convince them to buy or make contact with the owner of the product you are promoting.

2. Blog and Write Effective Content…

Blogging and writing about your products is the most effective way to promote affiliate products. It is the basic most active way of creating a great reputation on yourself and the topic/item you want to tell everyone about. Writing quality content is the best way to build traffic to your website and help gather you up the rankings of the search engines. All affiliate marketers know and preach “content is king”, it engages the readers to enjoy and follow the story, your story. Blogging is effective and becomes easier to promote affiliate products as you start to gather followers and steady readership to your websites. Writing your content naturally, and as you is always best, because you can come across just like you’re talking to someone face to face. That’s how I write and you can see one of my stories here.

To get a few tips for effective content writing click here.

3. Promoting Methods you chose to use…

There are many tactics, methods for promoting the products you select and here are a few.

E-mail promotion by making a contact list. You will need to start collecting a list of subscribers email addresses but this will normally happen after you have built up a following from your effective content writing and steady readership.

Using Social Media Marketing like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. These can work really well but there are certain rules to follow as these platforms are careful not to allow spamming.

Product Reviews. These are well-used throughout the internet by affiliate marketers and as mentioned above it is about providing quality content with a description on the product you want to promote. Again giving a review of your experience of the product or service is gold when doing this. You’ve used it and either liked it and want people to try it out or you’ve had a bad experience with it and want to warn people not to waste their money. Giving them your actual user experience is very important to people. See a sample of my style of a review.

Images. The use of images on your website is another way to promote products. There are many images that you can get for free and I have a post about some sites HERE. It is important to make sure that they are free and can be used for sharing commercially as your website is a commercial business making money from affiliate promoting.

You can of course take your own images and these are always going to be better than using someone else’s as they are YOURS. You can always buy professional images as well.

The images can link to your affiliate product and you can prompt your visitor to click the image so they can get more details on the product. Appropriate images connected to your product and topic is a must. Don’t add an image that has nothing to do with what you are writing about.

Banners and Buttons. Most owners of affiliate products provide banners and buttons for you to use when promoting their products. They try to make it easy for the promoter to make the product attractive and eye-catching for the visitors and potential customers. Using these as “call to action buttons” may give an edge to your article and website to get the visitor to take a look at the product on the owner’s website or sales page. Colours, shapes and numbers can get visitors into a spending mood and get them to click on the banner.

Be warned though; make sure you choose your banners that are tasteful and attractive looking and suit your website. There’s nothing worse than an ugly banner that could spoil your whole marketing campaign.

Below is a sample of a banner I use on my other website that I promote meat on. Attractive and classy looking. It gives my article a look of quality.

Free Ground Shipping

4. Mobile Searchers…

The number of internet surfers are on mobile devices these days has exploded exponentially. You need to make sure your affiliate product provider can be action-ed on these new mobile gadgets. Try to keep away from affiliate business that can’t do this because as your visitor browse your site and then click on something that interests them only to not have that page open, they will just leave your site and look elsewhere. You have just lost a potential customer and more importantly your site could also lose credibility with that visitor.

You can ask your affiliate provider if their sales page is mobile friendly or you just test it out on your own phone before you apply.

Each of these methods are widely used throughout the industry of affiliate promoting and marketing. They each have their strengths and weaknesses, and your personal preference for either one will become apparent when you try to test them out throughout your journey on the web.

So then…

Building a strong rapport and trust with your audience is the best way to make a start into the affiliate promoting industry. Writing quality content from truthful experience will always be the best way to do this. Once your readers, that become your target audience, keep coming back for helpful, honest information, sales will start and increase naturally or organically, as they say in the internet World.

Online success is about focusing on what you know best and how you can solve some ones issues. You’ll make far more money selling to a small amount of people that will love your style and character of writing than a larger group.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my article and hope it helps you to become a better affiliate marketer on your journey to earning an online income. Leave a comment and please share if you think it is valuable information.


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