How to pick a Niche and what is a Niche in Affiliate Marketing?

I will start with the question first… What is a Niche in Affiliate marketing?

A Niche is a part of a topic or product that focuses on a market and in a specific market. There are many small and large but profitable topics and products in the on-line internet market place suitable to have focused attention on by anyone that wants to build a website around and make money.niche-group-of-people

On-line marketing businesses search the topic or product and then decide on the targeted market to serve. In the simplest terms, a niche is a group of people looking for products. They are the targeted market that is looking for information on the product that they wish to purchase and have. Pretty simple when you think about it.

Right, next part…

How to pick your Niche for your website?

When deciding on a Niche to pick, the ultimate best way is choose something you really love writing about, talking about or something you know a lot about. Even something you are interested in. Whether it be an interest, passion, hobby, need or a want or a problem you have come across and realise that when you find the answer you wish to share.

The number of niche’s are countless out there, almost anything you can think of is a niche. Think of a topic and then narrow it down to a niche in that topic. It might seem a little confusing at first but it’s basically a part of a topic. A specific part of the topic. You don’t want it to be too broad. If your niche is broad then it is actually a topic.

An example of being too broad is talking about alcohol. There are many different types of alcohol out there. A targeted niche example will be something along the lines of the best Scotch Whiskey or White Wines. It cuts out all the other types of alcohol and focuses solely on the chosen niche.

To help confirm your chosen niche, research and decide on these questions:thinking

  • How will I  write/talk about my niche?
  • Is it something I want to learn about?
  • What is my target market?
  • Can I see myself writing on this niche for a long period of time?

Deciding on your niche that you know and love about is easier to write content and share information about to your readers and potential customers. It is easier to write about something you love rather than stressing out trying to write about something you don’t know much about. As you gain experience you will develop better researching capabilities to become an expert on any niche. This will take time.

By choosing a niche that you love, you can make it a full time job or part time job. Your information about your experience and knowledge about your niche that you are sharing can make a difference in someone’s life.

Think of it this way. Your niche is something that you enjoy sharing with other people, so it really isn’t a hard job if it is something you love talking about. The upside benefit that will occur naturally, is that your writing and sharing  will start earning money on-line and you will it enjoy it even more.

Any Niche out there can make a profit.

It is very important that once you choose your niche you stick to it. Be clear about your market that you are trying to serve, and your marketing efforts will grow from this.

Focus on thinking about how people will feel and interact with you about your niche from your on-line business.profit

People will click on your site, they will read your content and once they feel that you are an expert on your niche they will want to stay or search your links to the products you promote.

Ensure you keep the information relevant to your niche. Don’t confuse your visitors by going on a tangent about something else. If you do this your readers will lose interest and lose trust in the feel that you are an expert in your niche. Most probably even leave your site.

Keep on track with your niche and it will benefit you in the on-line marketing world. There are millions of people out there searching for all types of products so just keep writing content and your niche interest and profits will grow over time.

Your writing content should be helpful and useful for your visitors. They will be looking for answers so later when they have more questions they can turn back to your website and find them.

Your Niche is decided. Should I worry about Niche competition?

Once you have identified your niche, it should be clear on what to write about and gets you in a better position to market your services.

There is no need to worry about niche competition as each and every person has  different styles of writing and different ideas of helping people in their niche.

When writing, you can increase your website ranking by using low competition key words. I found how to use key words search through a program called Wealthy Affiliate. Remember, no Niche is too competitive!

If your niche is about Scotch Whiskey, remember there are thousands of people looking to find out about which Scotch Whiskey they would like, whether by price, taste, age or where they can get it delivered from and many other reasons they may be searching for. There are many articles you can write content about to help give your readers the answers for. Thousands of people are looking for your targeted niche.

Hope you found this article helpful and please leave a comment if you wish.



  1. Thanks for this good information – I spent a lot of time thinking about what I wanted to use for my niche, and it was sort of frustrating … wish I had come to your informative page first! I’m happy with what I’ve chosen for now but will mark this page and return if and when I need to “change direction” in the future!

    1. Author

      Hi Randy, thank you for the visit. Yes the Niche part of affiliate marketing can be quite daunting when starting in the on-line business, but believe me it will get easier and you will become an expert in any niche in no time at all. Just keep working at it and when the penny drops, ideas will flow into your head so quickly you wont know how to stop them. Then you will see the income flow as well.

      Thanks John

  2. Thank you for your information. It is much clearer to understand what and how to find Niche words.

    Great relieaf! as a freshman for online marketing.

    1. Author

      Hi Vijay, thanks for dropping by and glad to hear the information helped. Good luck with your new journey into online marketing and just keep persevering and you will get there. After you select your niche then keep producing quality content and your traffic will grow and more traffic will lead to more potential sales.

  3. I’ve just started blogging and got to know that I need to find a niche. Some say to go with my passion and some suggest to go after profitable products. Unfortunately, I don’t think my passion belongs to the profitable category.

    My questions are;
    1) How do I know if my interest is trending or not?
    2) There are crazy ideas out there that make money, so it really doesn’t matter if my chosen niche is small, right?

    Thanks for your advice.

    1. Author

      Hi Cathy, thanks for dropping by.

      1. To find out if your interest is trending, try using a google search with your interest or idea in mind and just see how many results appear just under the search bar. The number is normally in the millions if the search term is very broad or common, but if your search term doesn’t have a high results number that does not mean that your interest or idea is not trending. It could mean that less people are searching but are still interested in finding information and even want to purchase products related to your interest/idea niche. That could mean less competition for your website.

      2. You know, some times the crazier the idea is the higher chance of making money there is. Just because the niche may be small, it may be better because your customer is a smaller concentrated target and higher potential purchasing customer. And, you never know, you could be starting a new trend. You might become the trend setter.

      Bottom line is, don’t be afraid to try. Fortune favours the brave, so they say.

      Hope I have answered your questions.

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