1. Song

    Hi John, the concept in Mingle Cash is fascinating. Earning morning just by closing Pop Under Ads. And one get to do this while surfing on the net. And it’s package as an MLM so that there is motivation for th upline to recruit. Brilliant!

    But what is the benefit to the Ad company? I am guessing the eye-ball exposure the Ads get.

    Thanks I learned something new today!


    • John

      Hi Song, thanks for visiting my article and commenting. 

      Yes it is a system/business that everyone can do and when people realise that they do it anyway, why not earn some money for the time surfing.

      Yes the advertising companies do get benefits and get some customers from the views and visits. Some companies do have products that people will find useful to them. That’s why the system works so well and will work for the Mingle Cash members.


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