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People from all walks of life are looking for something to do these days, and some have always wanted to do something on the internet and toyed with the idea of making their own website, but don’t know where to start. You might be one of these people and building a website isn’t that difficult these days, actually, anyone can do it easily with this free WordPress website builder.

It might be something simple as wanting to have your own website for personal reasons like, snapshots of your families holidays and adventures, sporting activities that the kids have performed in, video’s, or just writing about your life’s journey. You may even be interested in starting your own online business but not sure how to get it started from scratch.

Whatever the reason you might have, why not do it with free websites that have the best CMS (Content Management System) out there. There are plenty of ideas you can start with, and then as you progress, you might even think of turning them into an internet business.

Well, you can start all of this for free with the Site Rubix Website Builder where, right from the beginning you can build the framework and outline in a very short time. In just a few minutes you will learn how to do it right from the start. It’s simple and this could by the opportunity that you’ve been looking for.

The Site Rubix Website Builder is perfect for any of these applications.

  • The best website builder for beginners
  • The best website builder for hobbyist
  • The best website builders for a small business
  • The best website builder for businesses in general
  • The best website builder for affiliate marketers

Basically, the best website builder for free

Here we have The Site Rubix Website Builder

There is nothing better than learning to build your own website and seeing it come together as you add your material to each post and page as you go along learning the process. When you’ve learned how to add a few pages and your website starts to take shape,  you can stop, step back and say “hey I did that, and so easily” you will get that great feeling of accomplishment. Once you get the hang of it and gain experience, you might even decide to build websites for other people and even earn money from it.

The training is set up in easy step by step form that anyone can follow and make a website without too much fuss. Watch the 3 minute YouTube Video and be amazed how fast it is to build a WordPress website with Site Rubix Website Builder. Once you see it you will think “I can do that” and that’s exactly what I said when I first saw the step by step actions. TOO Easy.

Pretty fast and easy, wasn’t it?

Everything was set up in about 3 minutes with the website,  hosting and framework set up easily right in front of your eyes. Simple, easy and fast. These days we are all looking for ways to make our life better and perhaps building your own websites could be the answer you are searching for. Building websites and by becoming a member of the Wealthy Affiliate community, you can begin your journey to a fulfilling and financial free life style. Making your own websites with the Site Rubix Website Builder simplicity is a great place to start.

As you get yourself educated and gain the website building knowledge, you will set yourself up into a great position for further down the road. The training is excellent and what I have learned will stay with me forever, and has helped me to be better off financially and generally, feel better within myself with a sense of accomplishment.

Step by step course training…

The training is in easy to follow step by step format and you can learn at your own pace. Step by step, day by day or in whatever time frame you choose. They are set up as Task-Based modules, which guide you through each topic bit by bit and in the way that a website needs to be built in a natural progression. Through tutorials and many easy to understand videos you will build your website correctly for all the necessary SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to get your website listed and ranked in the world wide web.

All the needed tools, themes and templates to build a fully functional website are provided at no cost for free members. Anyone can join and it doesn’t matter at what level you are at, beginner to seasoned expert marketer, the training is set up in different structures.

How does Wealthy Affiliate fit in all of this?

The name sounded like another one of those get-rich-quick schemes, so I went and had a look around the net to see what I could find out about them. I read a few reviews and the more I read the more I realised that I had stumbled across probably one of the most well respected online training companies there is. Not a scammer group of people, they actually teach people how to build websites, get your website ranked and how to turn your website into a money earning site. All over time of course, but teach and train people how to do it the right way. Needless to say, I signed up.

The owners are hands on people and constantly asking how they could help me get started and that if I had any question all I needed to do was ask. Ask for anything, and I mean, for anything that I was stuck on. Very impressive I thought.

The lessons in the training are great and the way the course is set up they are a community based help, teaching centre. The community is currently a 800,000+ strong member base and growing daily. It just means that there is always someone online in the platform at all times and whenever a question is asked by anyone, people answer quickly, and if it’s you that asks the question, you can keep checking until you get your issue solved and you will get an email with your questions answered as well. Everyone in the community have all started in the same boat and the whole organisation is focused on everyone to succeed.

I have learned that building a website in time can give you a living. It won’t happen overnight or a couple of weeks but by working steadily and treating it like an investment for the future you will accomplish what you want.

Everyone can have a Website and use it to Make Money…

Everyone knows that technology is moving fast and changing all the time and with Site Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate anyone can easily build a website and write about any topic.

The best is to write about things that you are passionate about and items that you have used and had great satisfaction with and want to share with the World. These are stories from your heart and believe it or not, people want to read about it. People out there in internet land want to hear about your story, about your travels, about a recipe you have tried, a restaurant you have eaten in, a movie you have seen, a new fridge you have bought. I think you get the picture. You just have to look on Face Book and see what people are talking about and showing on their posts. People are hungry for information and there are opportunities everywhere, every day topics, things and items that you can use to build your website around, and make money from it.

All with proper training at your finger tips with Wealthy Affiliate and Site Rubix and their marvelous technology.

Here are some other topics that you can build a website about, and can help make you money…

  • Cooking
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Home Wares
  • Gardening
  • Clothes
  • Fashion
  • Music
  • Instruments
  • Sport
  • Finance

And the list can go on…

You can learn how to set everything up with the Site Rubix Website Builder and some training with Wealthy Affiliate and learn how to make money with your website. The platform is AAA+ in my opinion.

How long has Wealthy Affiliate been around?

Good question to ask!

Wealthy Affiliate has been going for 11 years and during that time many people have been trained through their course and have become successful. In fact the number of people that have been helped is in the vicinity of a million+.

People are only saying great things about the Wealthy Affiliate organisation with an incredible easy learning experience with information that gets updated frequently to keep in tune with the constant fast growing technology in our society. The training course that these guys have developed makes it easy to start and takes away the stress of trying to avoid getting scammed by other internet vultures that just want your money.

The course teaches how to search for keywords the proper way and if you become a Premium member you will get hosting included for your Domain names, weekly training on advanced techniques, spam blockers so your websites don’t get crashed, 24/7 live chat, community based for help and a great support area that can solve issue if you ever come across any. Your site is backed up every day just in case something major happens or if you accidentally delete something that you weren’t supposed to, it can be recalled by the Wealthy Affiliate support team for you.

Entrepreneurs everywhere you look…

The whole place is one massive community of entrepreneurs everywhere you look. All sharing ideas, learning and building their businesses for their journey through life as well as helping newbies get to the goal of success.

It feels good to have your own website…

When you build your own website it will make you feel good and give you a sense of belonging to the internet world. You won’t get bored when you get started and get into it, and when you see your website grow and see the posts and pages increase as time goes by you will amaze yourself to think that “hey, I did that” A great sense of accomplishment that makes you feel good.

If you are wondering, I would love to have my own website But…… I can tell you right now you wouldn’t be the first or the last person to be thinking that. When you can see what Wealthy Affiliate can do for you, with all the community help, support and friendships made, you will forget about the doubts because they will hold your hand through the training and learning until you can relax and feel at ease.

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate now for 20 months and in my second year. I have built 2 websites and used the Site Rubix Website Builder to build these sites. As a Premium member I can build 25 websites, all for the same price as 1. That is just another part of the value.

A sample of what you get during the course…

The image below is part of the free training that you will see when you sign up as a free member. As a Starter member in Wealthy Affiliate you get to give the training course a free trial run. Even if you don’t become a Premium Member you still get to keep your 2 free websites forever. Anyway you will see with this training on how the course is explained firstly through text base and also with video tutorials. I normally read the text first and then watch the video. All the lessons are set up this way in an easy to understand format. You have tasks to perform to make sure you are following step by step to get the best benefit out of the course. Really, you can’t miss your target if you just follow the steps. Dead easy.

Click the image below for the sample lesson

I hope you enjoyed a snapshot of what you can expect when you learn to build your website.

I think you can get the picture that to do anything correctly, you need a good base to doing it right; you really need to find the right place that has your interest at heart. Education and knowledge is what you need to become reasonably successful, and really, that is the basis for everything in our life.

Most of us have a thought of some kind of wanting to be involved on the internet somehow without really knowing how. When I started, I wasn’t very good but with perseverance, the right training, resources and knowledge from others, I worked steadily and started my online journey. You just need to have faith in yourself and work at your pace and you will reach your goals.

After a few weeks of trialling out the training I signed up as a Premium member and off I went, taking in as much as I could, hungry for information and wanting to get right into the action. Kyle, one of the owners, takes you through each step and once you get to a certain point you are advised to take a few days break to recharge the battery, so to speak. The way the guys have set everything up is so you can learn by the courses set program. This way you can get the utmost benefits from the lessons without being overwhelmed.

Get into it and build your free Website in the box below!

The Site Rubix box below is where you can add your name for your first website. Just go back and watch the video above and copy what he does. Once you add the name you chose and if your website name is green, then it means you can have that name for your website. It means no one else in the world can have your website name. IT IS YOURS!

If you’re getting stuck on what to have your website about, here are few ideas…

Travel {5 dream holiday escapes}

Food {simple recipes with 3 ingredients}

Phones {latest news in phone technology}

What ever you decide, just type it into the box as explained in the video and see if it’s available. If it isn’t, just change it or adjust it a little and try again. Don’t be afraid because you can’t break anything and it cost you NOTHING. If you like go ahead and create your Free Wealthy Affiliate account and start learning the steps from the experts.

Site Rubix Website Builder Box

If you are looking for an opportunity to make a start in the internet world, Wealthy Affiliate is the number 1 choice on many. Just take a look and start for free…

My #1 Recommendation Wealthy Affiliate

See my other authority website HERE that I have built with Site Rubix and with training for Wealthy Affiliate. I just keep adding to my websites at regular intervals, as we are trained in the course, and this helps with getting ranked in the search engines, also keeps my visitors coming back for updated information and earn an online income.

I hope my article was helpful to you and please feel free to leave a message or ask a question in the comments section below.

Cheers John


  1. Hi John. Just wanted to offer some feedback from a fellow Wealthy Affiliate. You’ve really done an awesome job here with your WA review. I’m super impressed. I can see you’ve really put in an incredible amount of effort. I expect you’ll be rewarded with high rankings for this so keep up the fantastic work. I truly can’t fault this article. Great job! If you wouldn’t mind sharing your thoughts on mine it’s at Cheers, Rachael

    1. Author

      Hi Rachael, Thanks for dropping by my site and thanks for your kind words.
      Yes, I have put my efforts in but as you know, when you have a great training program like WA your dreams can come true in the affiliate marketing industry. It takes time but as you get those little accomplishment along the way, it really isn’t a job, it’s an enjoyable part of life. As more and more people work that out, they can find the online world to be exciting and also earn money form sharing their life journey, things they like to do and many other experiences they have. It’s happened to me and I’m certainly no genius…
      Thanks again and wish you luck in your ventures John

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