JVNotify-Pro – An Online Market Place Review

I’m sure you’ve wondered how and where you can find those great affiliate programs that the super affiliate marketers get to make those big commissions. Well I want to give you a review of JVNotify-Pro, an online market meeting place where these guys hang out.

Name: JVNotify-Pro
Website: www.jvnotifypro.com
Price: Free or $47
Owners: Mike Merz

Overall Rank: 9/10

JVNotify-Pro Overview

JVNotify is a website with a large community of networking people where product owners seek to work with affiliate marketers for launching their products onto and into the World Wide Web. They call the process JOINT VENTURE MARKETING.

The Good:

  • Forums on Joint Ventures
  • Blogs for Joint Ventures
  • Marketing Articles and Discussion on Joint Venture
  • Free Membership and VIP Membership if you to go to the next level
  • Been in business since 2005

The Bad:

  • None that I could see. People only speak highly of JVNotify-Pro

Who is JVNotify-Pro For?

JVNotify-Pro is beneficial for practically all partners in the online money making business. Product developers looking for affiliate marketers to sell their products, Marketers looking for great products to sell to their customers and followers, product buyers just looking for a great product to use and add to their everyday needs.

JVNotify-Pro Tools & Training

Not only is JVN-P a market place for members to connect and discuss new joint venture product launches, it also a platform where new affiliates can learn how to effectively get into the industry and become successful marketers. The top marketers in all fields are displayed to help inspire and encourage others. The forum is filled with experienced marketers who are willing to lend a hand when you need it.

JVNotify-Pro Support

Support is provided in the help or support section and you just need to submit a ticket and a member of the support team will contact you. In the forum, marketers experienced or not, are willing to lend a hand when you need it. The forum is packed with information to guide affiliate markets with topics like, ways to connect with internet marketing authorities, tips for better sales copies, email marketing tips and many more. Just click on the threads, read and ask and someone will help you.

JVNotify-Pro Price

You can sign up for free and use the platform as a free member as long as you want or you can pay $47 monthly and get the VIP Benefits. The free version allows performing basic activities while the VIP membership operations help boost your revenue earning potential.

I am a free member and enjoying what JVNotify has to offer for me but by subscribing to the VIP plan you will gain an advantage over the free member and as a VIP your article or review of a product may appear on the JVNotify home page allowing you to gain traffic and sales as a feature page.

You can even promote JVN-P as an affiliate product. You can sign up for free and if you feel being a VIP is better, you can pay for your membership with your affiliate earning. Click below to check it out.

My Final Opinion of JVNotify-Pro

The website platform provided by Mike Merz is a fantastic concept; bring together like-minded people with the same focus for all. The many affiliate programs available for the marketers to promote just keep growing. You can participate in an original launch of products developed by the owners or there are many already launched products that you can review and rate to increase you traffic and sales to your own site. That’s why I have given JVNotify a 9/10.

JVNotify-Pro at a Glance…

Website: www.jvnotifypro.com
Price: Free or $47
Owner: Mike Merz

My Overall Rank: 9/10

VERDICT:  Great place to get involved

Do Yourself, And Your Business, A Favor And Join JVNotify-Pro
You’ll Be In Good Company (I’m A JVNP Partner, Too!).

Join the market place where the top affiliate marketers hang out and get into your first big ticket JOINT VENTURE NOW.

Visit The Page Below For Details + No Cost Registration:


Just a little point, if you’re new to the affiliate marketing business and would like to join the many thousands of people that are doing this for a living or part-time income, you will need a website to start so read my post on where and how to get going and make sure you get off on the right foot. Click Here…

Feel free to leave a comment and happy affiliate marketing.



  1. This seems like a very good community to get involved in. There are so many ways this could benefit anyone as an affiliate marketer. I am definitely interested in seeing what they are more about. I have one question for you, Can you elaborate more on the VIP membership? What are the benefits?

    1. Author

      Hi Jeff, sure is a great place to be a part of. Just to let you know JVNP emails to you new launches to be apart of if you so choose. 

      With the VIP membership here are some of the benefits that you get…VIP Premium Content Area (incldes VIP brains storming and integration), Audio & Video Premium Content Training, Complimentary Product Review Accounts, Your Hoplink may be randomly selected to appear on the  JVNP home page which can allow earning commissions…These are some extras and to get more info click on the links and check them out. Even just to sign up for free it is worth it.

      Thanks John

  2. thanks for the review. I had not heard of JVNotify before and am glad to know about it.
    There are a ton of similar sites, but from your review it seems that’s what is different about this one is the number of successful marketers hang out. I think all the similar sites can claim that also, but it seems this one may have an active community that sets it apart from the others.
    I’m always looking for help in this area, so I’m gonna go poke around on the site and see if I like it. thanks

    1. Author

      Hi and thanks for your comments. I have found JVNotify as a great source to find top quality affiliate programs to promote and with big names behind them to really give the confidence and support to give a greater chance of success. I am glad I was able to point you in the right direction. I’m sure you  will see the benefits once you look around as I have.

      Thanks John

  3. I have been looking to join this community for a while now. But I couldn’t find a well written review on it until now. I want to thank you for this first and foremost. I will say that ever since I became a member of the Jvnotify community I have to say that everything you say here is true and I haven’t noticed any negative aspects of it. I will be sure to share this review on Facebook.

    1. Author

      Hi James, thanks for dropping by. Yes I too want to find the right company to help with my marketing. Very easy to recommend a platform that has been around for a long time. Thanks for sharing and best regards..John

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