Bizggro – An All In One Complete Management System Software

The best business management solution for small businesses, medium sized businesses and even all the way for large corporate businesses. Everything covered from charities, sports clubs, community clubs, online/offline businesses and it doesn’t matter what your business model is, Bizggro system software can do it all.

With this all in one business management system you will not need to use multiple tools that I am sure you have now. This system software can dramatically change the productivity of your business and get you ahead of you competition, and just simply streamline your day to day operations with the all in one suite.

Just check out the short video to see what’s on offer…

These guys have worked very hard to address the common and the most important problems of all businesses. and get them sorted and then get them set up and organised to run like clock work. As a small business, you must be already using some sort of accounting software to keep the record of all of your financial transactions. If you have customers you must be using some kind of CRM system to keep all the data of the customers in one place. When it comes to contract signing there is a document signing software like or other software on monthly recurring, file sharing, document storage etc.

Bizggro will sort it all out for you and you can get it here right now…

As a small business, it becomes extremely difficult to afford multiple subscriptions or even to learn how to operate multiple systems which can prove challenging. Do not despair because Bizggro have solved all of your software problems. Hard work has paid off and they are now very excited to launch their Bizggro software suite which consists of every functionality for a small business, medium sized businesses and large corporate businesses. Bizggro is so powerful and scale-able that once you implement it, you will wish you had it earlier. 

Tasks management is just another part of the powerful system. If you are working alone from home, Bizggro task management will improve your efficiency and keep you ahead of your schedule. Never miss an important business schedule to do with task management. Bizggro is such a proven system that it will not only help you to grow rapidly but its scale-ability will allow you to use Bizggro at every stage from small to medium to large corporation i.e. Bizggro will grow your business and always be on your side as a business partner, personal assistant or as an intelligent accountant. All in one and one in all.

Using Bizggro you can:

  • Manage all your administration tasks.
  • Manage your customer’s data.
  • Monitor all of your projects.
  • Manage share and sign documents online.
  • Manage all of your company events.
  • Manage all of your financial sections.
  • Function all of your HR department activities virtually.
  • Keep an eye on your stock.
  • And much more. These are just a few functions available.

Who Should Use Bizggro…

Small Businesses…

Online marketers, blog content writers, designing web-pages, photographers, media video producers, accountants, attorneys, recruiters, caterers or if you run your own niche home based business, Bizggro can fit all. Great for any other small business type that needs to maintain financial transactions like tax returns, monitor receivables, payable s, P & L and others. Bizggro can be your all in one suite.

Small to Medium Businesses…

Because of its highly scale-able solutions, Bizggro can go from a one person company to a medium scale business easily. Bizggro will help you in every step with all of the above and help you scale up completely with further SME accounting system, document sharing, document management, document digital signing, customer relationship, campaigns, newsletters, events management, HR management with leave and staff holidays, just to name a few.

Large Corporations…

Scale-ability allows large corporations to make the best steps within their own premises and Bizggro can improve efficiency and give full visibility to every department and employee activities. The Tasks Management feature alone allows you to assign tasks to the concerned persons and monitor every single step of the executor, now no one can waste time at your office desk and get away with it with this feature. There is so much more the Bizggro can do to streamline the running of your business.


Bizggro can handle all of your donations, memberships, recurring donations, assets, etc. Let Bizggro integrate every single aspect of your charity management with easy to follow set up steps. Everything you need will be in a single place! Organising the running will finally give the time and resources needed to reach your goals and get the charity going in the right direction.

Sports Clubs and Community Clubs…

If you’ve been involved at your children’s clubs in the admin role, you will know that managing sports and community clubs could be a huge task especially when budgets are limited and resources are limited or not available.

Bizggro software suite is ideal and can handle every aspect of your sports and community clubs documenting. From memberships to financial records, events and newsletters,  Bizggro can give the process a boost and bring efficiency to your clubs. Digital signing can streamline membership forms sign ups and record of each member can be saved electronically.

These are just a snap shot of what Bizggro’s Complete Business Management Software System can do for you and no matter what you do, Bizggro is what you NEED.

Don’t miss this VIP launch offer which is ONLY being offered to a limited number of early bird customers. It will become difficult to buy outright at a later stage because the Bizggro System, will only be available on a monthly recurring fee after this VIP launch.

Be the early bird and get it now here for an unbelievable starting price of $29…and then increasing daily…yes every day the price will increase…

Special Note: This is the early bird pricing and price will definitely jump up if you come back later, so if you want to crack the best deal, my advise is that you make a decision right now…There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you feel it doesn’t suit you but I am sure you wont look back after you’ve seen the benefits. Here are just a few for you:

  • One dashboard for application administration.
  • Custom settings for each user.
  • Multiple company records.
  • User visibility for company roles.
  • Assign modify or delete permissions for users.
  • Push notifications, multiple information options.
  • Privacy and confidential data visible to authorised users only.
  • Company-wide currency, date & phone format options.
  • Flexibility allowing users to create complete company hierarchy, departments.
  • Easily manage complete staff holidays & leaves.
  • View each staff member’s entitlement & avail leaves.
  • Show or hide work groups, documents, CRM contacts & more.
  • Full resource requisition process.
  • Compliance with company rules.
  • Work with internal & external users altogether.
  • Track complete history of leaves of each staff to plan projects.
  • Applying and approval of company discipline & attendance record.
  • Share numerous resources.
  • Popular communication structure.
  • All employee activity under one place.
  • Company efficiency improved by over 300%.
  • Keep all your projects on track.
  • Improve customer services, satisfaction many folds.
  • Run & manage company at multiple locations.
  • The Most favourite feature for bosses and owners.
  • Bizggro will display each staff performance regularly.
  • All under or top performers will be informed by Bizggro.
  • Get rid of memory and reminder issues.
  • No more HR meetings, notices, warnings, Bizggro does everything for you.
  • Team leaders & bosses can assign tasks and monitor progress online.

I can list more for each of Bizggro System Features but you will know what I mean once you get started with the Bizggro software. It will be the best decision you make for your business once you see how well the package can sort out your: Administration, HR Management, Task Management, Campaigns, Customer Management, Customer Leads Management, Customer Opportunities Management, Events Management, Newsletter Management, Book Keeping Management, Document Sharing Management, and much more.

How About “Bizggro” Support? (if you get stuck)

BIZGGRO is a Product of BleuPage Limited Registered in England & Wales and their support is available just in case you get stuck at any time. 

(No: 07781116 VAT : GB 264276196)

1. UK: 78, York Street, London W1H 1DP, UK

  • Call 1: +44 (0) 203-582-6970
  • Call 2: +44 (0) 203-582-6974
  • Email:

2. USA: 3790 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306, USA.

  • Call 1: +1 (650) 546-4450
  • Call 2: +1 (650) 546-4451
  • Email:

My Final Thoughts on Bizggro…

Everyone in business knows that by organising, streamlining and setting up a software system that is easy and user friendly for everyone in your business to understand and use, will only get your business to do what it’s supposed to do…generate income. You want your staff to concentrate on getting the monies in and not have to worry about all the menial task associated with the running the business. Do yourself a favour and take a good look at Bizggro… with their all in one complete business management software system  you can surely give your business a great head start…and don’t forget…they do have a 30 day money back guarantee (not that you will use it, but it is there)

Get it now before the VIP early bird price flies away…

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you found my review helpful and feel free to leave a comment below.


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