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Free Images To Download For A Website

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Free Images and Photos for Your Website…

While you are building your website you will want to add images and photos to enhance, give colour, break up your content writing and keep your post or page interesting and captivating. So where can you find free images to download for a website? Finding free images and photos to use can be challenging, so below I have compiled a group of websites that offer free photos and images that you can search and download for your own use.

These free photos and images are called stock photography and thankfully, there has been a growing number of websites with beautiful stock photography popping up all over the internet. Best of all, a lot of them are free.

Many of these photographs are free but you should still make sure that you check the copyright restrictions or licenses on any photos you use as some of the free photos and images on these sites could require you to provide attribution, which means you give credit to the  photographer that has taken the photo or image. Always follow the copyright and creative commons public domain dedication licensing rules related to any photo you use on your website and obtain any necessary permissions.

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How To Pick A Niche- What Is A Niche?

How to pick a Niche and what is a Niche in Affiliate Marketing?

I will start with the question first… What is a Niche in Affiliate marketing?

A Niche is a part of a topic or product that focuses on a market and in a specific market. There are many small and large but profitable topics and products in the on-line internet market place suitable to have focused attention on by anyone that wants to build a website around and make money.niche-group-of-people

On-line marketing businesses search the topic or product and then decide on the targeted market to serve. In the simplest terms, a niche is a group of people looking for products. They are the targeted market that is looking for information on the product that they wish to purchase and have. Pretty simple when you think about it.

Right, next part…

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Monetize With Amazon – Amazon Associates

Monetize With Amazon – Amazon Associates

Affiliate marketing is a useful way to earn extra income when you make your website. How can you profit with the Amazon Affiliate Program, called Amazon Associates. The program allows you to earn a percentage on purchases made using a special link on your website. The commission percentage ranges +/- 4 to 8 percent.

These are the  3 easy steps to get started.

Part 1: Start with your website 

Part 2: Sign up as a Amazon Associate

Part 3: Start linking  Amazon Associates Products

Part 1: Start with your website 

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Top Affiliate Program That Pays

My Top Affiliate Program That Pays…

What is my top affiliate program that pays?  For me, my choice is Wealthy Affiliate…and I’ll tell you why in my article.

When I started searching for an answer on earning an income on-line, I searched hard to find out how I could do this.  I found many sites that promised the “highest paying affiliate programs this” and the “highest paying affiliate programs that” but not many offered how to actually do it.

We all have a dream to do as little as possible for earning as much money as possible in the shortest time possible and finding the right vehicle to move in this direction can be a mine field. Some programs don’t even explain that you need a website but just sign up here and away you go. No support, no training, etc etc. When you see statements like that, just Beware and check the Scams alert!

Well let me tell you that at first, a website is a great start, and you are going to need a little training on how to set a website up and a little training on affiliate marketing. These first steps will help create a long term on-line income that you can have for life. Hence my website Your On-line Income For Life came to fruition.

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Your On-line Income For Life

Welcome to to Your On-line Income For Life website.

I am glad you have managed to find my website and I am here to help you gain the knowledge to break the shackles from the every day mundane work place.

How much money do you think you would like to earn for the rest of life, even after you decide to retire? It all starts with a wonderful program developed by 2 young gentlemen Kyle and Carson. They have developed a website building business that has given many everyday normal people like you and I the power to start earning income on-line.

Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate…


Wealthy Affiliate is a community based learning, training, supporting group of like minded people that have come together or found each other to help and grow their quest for changing their lives.

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